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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month By Supporting These Latinx-Founded Brands



It’s officially Hispanic Heritage Month and, as a proud puertorriqueña, I was beyond excited to stop by “Great Day Houston” and chat about some must-have, game-changing products from beauty brands founded by Latinos and Latinas.


Kiss Pruney And Thinning Lips Goodbye With The New Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen Lip



Here’s a harrowing piece of information: once you’re in your 20s, your lips begin to lose collagen at a rate of about 1-2% per year and, to make make matters worse, collagen production slows down drastically, eventually leading to your once-supple pout losing volume and fine lines appearing on your lips’ surface, all of which can result in creating a puckered look.


Lush Rose Gardens And Picasso’s Artwork Inspired The Beauty Look At Rodarte SS19



Staring at the images of the clothing, hair, and makeup at the Rodarte Spring 2019 show during New York Fashion Week, I’m reminded of why I once loved this zany week in September so very much — and it had been quite a while since any show had managed to elicit that type of nostalgia and awaken that wistfulness in me.


A Beautiful Tale — How nyakio Founder Nyakio Grieco Honors Global Beauty Traditions Through A Marriage of Storytelling And Natural Skincare Formulas



According to Sue Monk Kidd, the author of The Secret Life of Bees, “Stories have to be told  or else they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.”  This quote kept popping into my head as I chatted on the phone with  Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, founder of the prestige natural skincare line nyakio (pronounced Neh-kay-oh).


Great Beauty Finds From Female-Founded Brands (As Seen On CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin”)




This Sunday, August 26th, we’ll be celebrating Women’s Equality Day so, on that note, I stopped by CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin” today to chat about some amazing female-founded brands that have really changed the beauty landscape and earned legions of fans in the process.


It’s National Relaxation Day! Unwind With These Pampering Beauty Treats (As Seen On CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin”)


In honor of National Relaxation Day, I stopped by CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin” today to talk about all the ways we can pamper ourselves and unwind.


Prepare To Crave the MAC Cosmetics “Oh, Sweetie!” Lipcolour Collection


What’s more appealing when tasting a cupcake: the sponginess and moistness of the cake itself or the sweet and creamy flavor of the frosting on top?


Get Into A Summer State of Mind With New Urban Decay Beached Makeup Collection


Come late June, we all start to share the same type of images: reading a lighthearted book while laying on a hammock suspended between palm trees; splashing along the seashore, giddy with excitement over the sensation of sand in between our toes toes and the saltiness of the sea breeze kissing our skin; lounging on a giant-sized pool float with a refreshing fruity cocktail in one hand; watching the sunset from a wooden pier dock, the breathtaking blood orange, rusty red, tangerine, coral, and sepia tones making our hearts skip a beat.


Must-Have Beauty Gadgets — As Seen On “Great Day Houston”


Some folks’ eyes widen when they see ads for the latest Amazon smart speaker or Google Home device.


Summer Fitness Essentials — Everything You Need To Get In Shape During These Hot And Humid Months (As Seen On CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin”)



When it comes to fitness, there’s no such thing as a summer break — no matter the season, we all need to stay active and keep our bodies moving and grooving.