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This Earth Day, It’s Time To Green Light These Green Beauty Products!


This year, Earth Day feels like a more momentous occasion than usual — perhaps because of the bewildering amount of people who continue to be climate change deniers (led by Donald Trump, who seems to have no comprehension of the polar ice caps melting), who have advocated for fracking ventures that could contaminate groundwater, and who root for big oil instead of advocating for green energy sources.


A Feast Of Love — New LORAC Cosmetics “Beauties Who Brunch” Collection


Brunch is by far my favorite meal — I can feast on shrimp and cheesy grits, then pair the meal with a mimosa; I can nibble on scrambled eggs and pair them with something as seemingly unharmonious as sweet potato fries, all the while enjoying a sangria; or I can sip a latte while savoring eggs benedict atop delicious crab cakes.


Got Spirit? — 22 Accessories With Fuzzy Pom-Pom Embellishments To Give Your Outfit Some Cheer


You don’t need to perfect your back handsprings and toe touches or spell out “Be Aggressive” in order to shake some pom-poms this season.


A Recipe For Soft Skin — Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Body Butter


The funniest thing happened last night as I was massaging some of Too School’s absolutely divine Egg Mellow Body Butter onto my arms and legs: my 4-month-old puppy, Bowie, awoke from his slumber and began sniffing around his makeshift bed on the couch (yes, he’s so spoiled that we have little beds for him everywhere) before directing his gaze at me, as I stood a few feet away, and making his “you-know-you-want-to-give-me-a-treat” face.


Shoulder Lean — These 15 Garments Practically Dare You To Bare Those Shoulders!


Could shoulders be the new cleavage?


Coming of Sage — Discover the Viktor & Rolf Magic Sage Spell Eau de Parfum


If you’ve hung out with enough people who believe in the supernatural, then you’ve likely heard of someone burning sage in a dwelling to exorcise any evil spirits and eliminate all negative energy.


Overhyped Beauty Products or Legit Hair Heroes? — A Look at the New Herbal Essences bio:renew Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner



It’s not uncommon for brands to make minor tweaks to their product formulations in order to better appeal to a contemporary audience (think of all the “new and improved,” “paraben-free,” and “alcohol-free” labels now stamped on lotions and shampoos) nor is it rare for them to update their packaging to better catch the attention of fickle customers.


Smells Like Teen Spirit — Adolescent Artists Create New Reebok x Artists For Humanity Collection


There’s no denying that art is a powerful outlet for self-expression  — whether wielding a paint brush, deftly maneuvering a can of aerosol paint, massaging a mound of clay and shaping it into a sculpture, examining the world through a camera lens, toying with notions of light and shadows using a pencil and sketch pad, or using technology to create digital masterpieces, the world of visual arts provides a means through which to unleash one’s creative energy, release emotions weighing heavy on our hearts, explore ideas, and expand one’s consciousness.


Peach for the Stars with New Too Faced Cosmetics Sweet Peach Collection


Kandi, Phaedra, Nene, Kenya, Cynthia, and Porsha would all be delighted by the latest Too Faced Cosmetics collection, which pays homage to Georgia’s official state fruit: the peach.


Putting the Sublime in the Coconut — Skin Gets a Tropical Sparkle with Kopari’s Coconut Body Glow


Beauty experts, including yours truly, have been extolling the wonders of coconut oil for quite some time, urging anyone who will read (or listen) to apply the lauric acid-rich substance to their skin, hair, nails, and cuticles.