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Entourage of Scents — Gwen Stefani Launches Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Collection


Most back-up dancers remain nameless and faceless when it comes to the masses. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but the main ones that come to mind are Kevin Federline and Cris Judd — and the only reason why they rose to the limelight is because they became romantically involved with the headlining stars for whom they danced (Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, respectively). Sure, Tina Landon could often be spotted right behind Janet Jackson during some of her biggest tours and dance videos (like “Escapade” and “If”) but people already knew Landon was Janet’s choreographer and she was world-renowned for her routines, so I can’t really count her… But Gwen Stefani has done something relatively unusual (particularly for female performers ): she’s kept the same back-up dancers since she first launched her solo career, made them part of her entourage and, therefore, part of her image and, most importantly, introduced them to the masses and immortalized them through a clothing line and, now, a fragrance line. Yep, the Harajuku Girls aren’t relegated to the shadows: this foursome (Angel, Baby, Love and Music) are front-and-center and, now, with the launch of the Harajuku Girls Fragrance line, they can also take center stage on your vanity set.

Five scents are available (one for each of the spunky Japanese girls and one dubbed Lil’ G, which is supposed to represent Gwen). Wondering how on Earth these work? Well, it’s really simple — the cute figurines sitting atop the glass “platforms” can be slipped off to reveal the atomizer (that glass bit isn’t a platform, y’all — it’s the base of the perfume bottle!). Love is an innocent floral scent with rose, pink pomelo, bergamot, jasmine, orchid and musk notes. Lil’ Angel, meanwhile is an extremely sweet scent that relies on sweet floral and fruit notes like raspberry, cranberry, blackberry, pineapple, candied violet and lollipop accord (for some reason, it smells like butterscotch to me!). Music, meanwhile, is a sparkling, crisp smell made of pear, jasmine, honeysuckle, sweetpea and musk. Baby is a powdery fresh scent complemented with freesia, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, violet, heliotrope and musk. And as for Lil’ G, she’s an exotic blend of coconut, mandarin, apple, freesia and sandalwood that packs quite a punch. My faves are definitely Love, Baby, and Lil’ G, but the line really does have something for everyone.

And, heck, even if the fragrances aren’t for you (doubtful but possible), I can’t imagine any Gwen Stefani fan passing up the chance to score one of these precocious mini-me dolls, which are dressed to the nines. I mean, just look at Baby’s bow-adorned curly ‘do (I actually want to learn how to make my hair do that! LOL) and her cutesy polka-dot dress, or check out Music’s sailor-inspired getup and Love’s side ponytail. These are some attitude-laden gals, so y’all better head to the perfume counters and recognize their fierceness!

The Harajuku Lovers Fragrance line hits shelves this month (September). All fragrances are sold separately.

$45 each. Visit Beauty.com

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