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Arcona Kingdom — Why Arcona’s Skincare Products Rule






The name Arcona has a pretty epic, grand ring to it… It makes me think of Aragon (well, Catherine of Aragon, to be precise), of coats of arms and royal crowns… Think about it: Queen of Arcona. Has a nice sound, right? Well, the good news is that Arcona skin care products are fit for royalty (or for those of us who are queens in our own minds).

Launched in Los Angeles in 1989 by a woman named — surprise! — Arcona, the line incorporates the best ingredients nature has to offer in their purest form. Active ingredients are cold-compressed  at very low temperatures and in small quantities — this process ensures that they maintain all their beneficial attributes (when heated, many of these fruit extracts, sea vegetables, minerals, and botanical oils start losing the enzymes and nutrients that make them effective in the first place). It’s the same concept raw foodists adhere to except, of course, this pertains to what you apply onto your face. But then again, since our skin is an organ, it is “ingesting” whatever permeates its surface, so we really should be as mindful of what we dab on our faces as we are of what we consume. Arcona products allow you to embrace this holistic type of thinking.

Now let me start with one of my favorite Arcona goodies: the Kiwi Cream Bar. Pictured up top (it’s the green bar inside the sleek, circular, screw-top case, in case that wasn’t intuitive enough for you!), this cleanser is designed to replenish dehydrated skin. It contains: kiwi extract, which speeds up epidermal growth (who knew?!); coconut milk and black currant oil (which is rich in omega 3 and omega 6) to moisturize; and vanilla to soothe your skin. The packaging is actually incredibly clever — the bar is hermetically sealed inside its plastic and placed inside the container; once a consumer purchase the bar, she can open the plastic to get to the soap and then use the screw-top container to keep her cleansing bar safe from environmental hazards and to avoid any potential goopy messiness (which always seems to happen with bar soap!). As far as the product itself, when you wet your face and apply the cleanser, you instantly feel refreshed. It has a gel-like quality to it that’s naturally cooling and pleasant.

Next up are the Triad Pads. They’re cotton pads soaked with a refreshing toner that contains anti-microbial cranberry which, in turn, is packed with fatty acids and vitamins that clarify your visage. After you’re done cleansing, moisturizing ingredients like rice milk and omega 3, 6 and 9 kick in. Each pad contains just the right amount of nutrients — after you’re done dabbing one on, you’ll feel vibrant and energized. Incredibly convenient for women on the move, these pads come in a small jar that can easily be tucked into any purse.

The Peptide Hydrating Complex which, as the name implies, contains peptides and flavonoids, not only nourishes and hydrates your skin, but it promotes moisture retention, which basically means that its benefits are cumulative and much longer lasting than any ordinary moisturizing complex. Use one pump and apply over dry skin — it’s so lightweight, you’ll barely remember putting it on!

The Peptide Firming Complex, meanwhile, smooths away those pesky wrinkles and lines thanks to ingredients like SYN-Coll tripeptides, natural pea extract and hyaluronic acid, which help stimulate collagen and elastin production at the molecular level.

These products, my friends, constitute what I call the Fab Four. Bow down.

Arcona Kiwi Cream Bar, $38; Peptide Hydrating Complex, $95. Triad Pads, $45. Peptide Firming Complex, $72. Visit Arcona.com

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