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He Paves the Road to Great Hair




Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves (the man who tends to the tresses of Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson, among others) recently launched a new line of products, Ken Paves Healthy Hair, designed to provide customers with salon quality treatments within the comfort of their own homes. Sure, we can’t get house calls from Paves himself but, hey, this is the next best thing. The line includes conditioner, shampoo, shine serum, hair spray, curl balm, molding hair spray, and color boosting drops.

The Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner contain wheat starch, Vitamin E, soy protein and wheat protein to nourish hair follicles and reinvigorate the scalp, and plant-based ingredients like lavender, rosemary and chamomile to cleanse and moisturize your hair in the gentlest manner. Try it out and you’ll actually see bouncier, fuller hair.

The Boost-Up Color Drops, meanwhile, are a lifesaver when you need to stretch out your next visit to your hair colorist (hey, times are tough!). Available in six shades (platinum, black, red, honey, beige, brown and red), the drops help to bring out all those rich tones in your hair — whether they’re natural hues or they come from a nice little bottle (hee, hee) — and keep your color from looking dull or lifeless. Now, this is mostly a cosmetic fix —sure, the product does have some moisturizing ingredients but, really, it’s best to think of it as make-up for hair. See, once you lather some shampoo onto your scalp and rinse, your hair will return to its natural state. This is not a product that provides long-lasting or cumulative results, but rather one which you can apply as needed to really give hair color an extra oomph.

And, of course, the Healthy Hair products’ packaging is sleek and features reflective, mirror-like silver patches that tie back to the pavé diamond theme that inspired the name of his Hollywood flagship, the Pave Spa and Salon.

Hey, he’s transformed the often haggard hair of Oprah’s makeover challenge participants and prepared America’s Next Top Model contestants for their new lives in front of the camera (remember how great he made Saleisha’s hair look on Cycle 9?), so don’t you think your hair will be in trusted hands? Exactly.

Ken Paves Healthy Hair Conditioner, $21.95, visit Beauty.HSN.com. Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost-Up Color Drops, $39.99, visit MP.HairBoutique.com

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