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My Darling Clementine — Dayna Decker’s Chandel Botanika Collection Clementine Candle


For its Chandel Botanika candle collection, DayNa Decker Environments found inspiration in the most sensual of blooms — from night blooming jasmine to white lotus, freesia, Neroli flower, violets, roses and more —creating deliciously elegant and indulgent scents by blending these seductive floral extracts with luscious fruits and exotic spices.

But this is no ordinary candle — it’s part of an experience meant to indulge your sense of smell, sight and sound. How is this achieved? Well, there’s the patent-pending EcoWood Wick, an environmentally-friendly component that minimizes carbon build up, burns clean so as to not tarnish the wax’s surface, and remains upright throughout the candle’s lifetime (thus increasing the safety element and making for a longer-lasting product). The EcoWood wick not only adds a unique design twist, but it emits an enchanting crackling sound that’s oddly rhythmic, musical and romantic, recalling lit firewood. The teardrop shaped flame, meanwhile, lies horizontally, making for an intriguing visual, and the illuminating sheer wax adds a bit of color therapy to the room.

The Chandel candles are also simple to use: after each session, wait until the wax cools down and then trim the wick by simply snapping the burnt piece off. And voila — you’re ready for your next illuminating moment.

Pictured above is the Clementine candle, a 16-ounce bit of paradise. The design is glamorous but decidedly minimalist: a deep, forest green glass jar encases the opulently fragrant botanical wax, which contains essential oils from such ingredients as Orange Flower, Neroli, black tea, honey and Cassis musk. The Clementine is simply heavenly, with all the ingredients blending in seamlessly to create a full-bodied aroma that manages to swathe your body and mind in a cloak of serenity. Plus, the 16 oz. candle burns for up to 100 hours — talk about a great investment!

And since environmental causes are of prime importance to designer Dayna Decker, even the box is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Dayna Decker Chandel Botanika collection “Clementine” candle, $76. Visit Amazon.com

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