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Holiday Gifts Part 2: For Your Sis, The Pampered Princess

Maybe she was born into royalty (or the proverbial upper crust) or she worked her way to the top until she reached her very own Cashmere Mafia. Maybe she married into a family of wealth and privilege and became accustomed to certain indulgences. Or maybe, your sister (or whomever the pampered princess in your life is!) just fancies herself a rich socialite type. Maybe she lives in a basement apartment on the corner of Broke Street and Bad Credit Avenue but she’s a debutante in her own mind (hey, you’d be surprised at how many girls fit the bill!). Or perhaps, she’s just a regular, hard-working girl that enjoys all things chic, classic and feminine — whether she has to stare at them adoringly through a window display or bring them into her castle (however humble or vast it might be).

Whatever the case may be, these gifts are ideal for that girl who believes in Prince Charming and happy endings, treasures her pearls, fancies muted hues or any variation of the color pink, and refuses to leave home without “putting on her face.” Know someone who fits the bill? Check out these great finds!


1. Badgley & Mischka Glass Pearl & Crystal Statement Necklace, $655. Visit Nordstrom.com

All princesses own pearls but, if we’re talking about a lady who likes to stand out, she probably wants more than a single strand of beads. So, if she’s the flashy sort, gift her with this Victorian-esque Badgley Mischka pearl necklace with dangling glass beads. She’ll definitely feel like royalty.


2. Fendi Satin Ruffle Wedge, $565. Visit ELuxury.com

These fabulous wedges are fit for dainty, perfectly manicured toes. Coquettish satin ruffles along the toe and the wedge heel add a playful feel to the elegance conveyed by the premium black satin.


3. Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, $27. Available at Sephora.com

Princess weapon number one: long eyelashes that can be batted at one’s will (useful when making outlandish requests). Weapon number two: Shiny, luscious lips that can be scrunched up into a child-like pout of disappointment (no fella can resist that trick). And here’s how to get them both. Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes Mascara is nothing short of phenomenal with its rounded, bristled wand tip, which separates lashes and delivers color from the eyelash root.The new Pop Gloss Crystal Rose by Night hue delivers just a hint of color to your lips — just like what you’d get if you walked outside in the brisk cold for a bit (minus the chapping and soreness, of course), but with loads more shine.


4. Zac Posen “Daisy” Bag in Beige/Black, $1400. Visit ELuxury.com

Whether you’re buying for a socialite gossip girl, a Blackberry-banging power broker, an over-the-top stylista or a couture hound, this bag will deliver the coveted sigh of delight (and maybe even a few shrieks, jumps and claps). Made of the finest Nappa leather and lined with suede, Posen’s Daisy bag features elaborate pleating, a leather shoulder strap sewn through a double-layered link chain, and a magnetic flap top in a geometric, almost Art Deco style. This is one fashion affair to remember.



5. Oscar Blandi Collezione di Jasmine Hair Smoothing Essentials,$48. Visit Sephora.com

What would a spoiled but lovable girl do if she couldn’t use her reliable hair flip to persuade (and maybe even manipulate) the men in her life (daddy, big bro, boyfriend, suitor, etc.) to yield to her whims? Well, she won’t have to worry about it if she keeps those locks healthy and lustrous with Oscar Blandi’s Jasmine Hair Smoothing Essentials Collection.

6. In God We Trust Bow Cuff Bracelet, $50. Visit Refinery29Shops.com

As a little girl, mommy’s little angel wore elaborate bows on her hair, the ribbons adding yet another dose of sweetness to her precious look. Now that she’s all grown up, this doll has relocated the precious bows of her infancy, favoring them as dainty embellishments on her handbags, belts and bracelets, adding a cutesy vibe to her otherwise adult wardrobe. This cuff bracelet is the perfect addition to a preppy-luxe look.



7. Vera Wang Princess Sparkling Creme Perfume, $38. Visit Sephora.com 

It may seem like a cliche, but getting a Juliette Darling type this Vera Wang solid perfume charm is a no-brainer. The charm can be attached to a keyring, hung from a purse loop or belt loop, and even incorporated to a long necklace or chunky bracelet. And, just like picture perfect girls don’t like to be seen sweating (they perspire, remember? lol), you’ll also never catch them smelling like anything but flowers — which is where having a solid perfume at their disposal comes in handy!

8. Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile and Python Clutch, $1400. Available at Bergdorf Goodman.

Crafting an exquisite handbag is practically second nature for this Colombian designer, a favorite among socialites and aristocrats.  The seafoam green color of this puckered crocodile and python clutch conjures up images of beautiful island getaways.



9. Heidi Klum for Mouawad Ring and Earrings. For prices and availability call Mouawad USA, 310.266.7870

Designed by the Project Runway host and beloved supermodel, the Heidi Klum Collection for Mouawad features exquisite earrings, necklaces and rings made with 18k gold, pave diamonds and rare gemstones. This year’s collection (like its predecessors) was inspired by a clover-shaped marble inlay at the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, hence the ubiquitous use of clover shapes throughout Klum’s line. You don’t even need the clovers to bring you luck when you rock these — they’ll work magic all on their own.


10. Prescriptives Limited Edition “Winter Reflections” Cool Eye Color Quad, $62. Visit Prescriptives.com

Most princesses favor wintry hues over brights, tropical shades or rich jewel tones. When the landscape is covered by a mantle of snow, this posh lady will reach for her white coat and transform herself into an ice queen (minus the bad attitude!). This eyeshadow quad includes a pearly white, light pink, shimmering plum and sparkling silver — the perfect combo for winter-time eyes.



11. Loeffler Randall Colette Pleated T-Strap Pumps, $425. Visit Shopbop.com 

If her style icons are Paris Hilton and Marilyn Monroe, she’ll probably appreciate these sassy hot pink shoes which epitomize femininity with their tiered ruffled trim, slightly rounded toe, and delicate straps.


12. Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Duo (Nordstrom Exclusive), $50. Visit Nordstrom.com

Great skin is a necessity for anyone who enjoys being pampered, and these Laura Mercier creams are so effective, Miss Thang will feel like she just left a spa treatment — plus, the pistachio scent is beyond yummy.


13. Wacoal Luxe “Isn’t It Rich” bra, $74 and boy short, $40. Visit BareNecessities.com 

Even the most poised, Charlotte York-like type enjoys turning into a lioness in the bedroom. But even her lingerie has to look classic, which is why Wacoal’s “Isn’t It Rich” set is so perfect — the nude-against-black contrast, the flowered lace design, and the slight slits along the sides of the boy short panties all make for a boudoir-ready ensemble.



14. Creme De La Mer “The Signature Collection” Set, $240. Available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s. Visit Bloomingdales.com 

All the sharp clothing and accessories in the world don’t mean a thing if your face has more bumps on it than the back of a Crunch bar or is sagging like the skin around a 90-year-old lady’s knees. And jet-setting divas aren’t about to forsake their lovely visages in the name of traveling, so why not gift this beauty-obsessed island-hopper with the best-of-the best? De La Mer’s Signature Collection includes a 1 oz. jar of Creme de La Mer, a 15ml bottle of the Lifting Face Serum and a 5ml jar of the Eye Concentrate, all packed in a cylindrical gift box that’s ideal for weekend getaways, romantic cruises and cross-continental flights.



15. Kidada Jones for Disney Couture “Beauty and The Beast” Collection: Rose Hoop Earrings, $45, and “Be Our Guest” Wrap Bracelet, $125. Available after 12/1. Visit 80sPurple.com

Every little girl enjoys a nice fairy tale — and what’s a better, more romantic story that Beauty and the Beast? Children and adults alike raved about Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast movie when it was released in 1991 and, 17 years later, it’s still adored for its charming music, clever dialogue, and inventive artwork. Want to make someone feel like Belle did as she twirled around in the ballroom, dancing alongside her beloved? Then give them a bit of that fairy tale magic with these Disney Couture pieces, designed by model/actress Kidada Jones, who has already blessed us with some beautiful pieces inspired by such characters as Alice in Wonderland, Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse and Sleeping Beauty.


16. Philosophy “Holiday Angel” Gift Set, $20. Visit Amazon.com

When I was a little girl, my dad would always bake an Angel Food Cake on Christmas morning — and we’d all sit around and eat it after we were done opening presents and taking all the requisite photos. This beautiful set by Philosophy brings me right back to those days — the lip gloss and shower gel both smell exactly like Angel Food Cake (hence the name), and the wintry hues on the packaging also reference the snow angels we associate with wintry days and childhood laughter. It’s a gift that’s full of spirit and joy.


17. Carol’s Daughter Pearls Eau de Toilette, $45. Visit Sephora.com

Lisa Price’s first foray into the fine fragrance realm is an absolute triumph. The name conjures up a sense of nostalgia that’s unique to every woman. As Price herself puts it, every woman owns pearls: whether they’re freshwater ones, gumball-sized spheres, or faux and funky-colored beads. And, usually, there’s a cherished moment or memory associated with these pearls, which lends them a keepsake quality that’s invaluable. Pearls by Carol’s Daughter includes lemon verbena, apricot and peach top notes, and a jasmine, rose, violet and vanilla heart, and it really does capture the universal appeal of something as classic as a strand of pearls.



18. Foot Petals “Stiletto Stylist’s Kit,” $44.95. Visit FootPetals.com 

Girly girls wouldn’t be caught dead in sneakers or hefty motorcycle boots. Nope. It’s stilettos or death for them! But, of course, their toes and feet need some extra TLC to withstand a lifetime way up above ground,  and Foot Petals offers precisely that in the form of some adhesive, non-slip cushions. This trusty set provides some much-needed padding for any feet living the high life.


19. Spongelle Peony/Cassis Body Wash Infused Buffer, $11. Visit Spongelle.com

Use a bar of soap? Never that! This comfort-loving woman will appreciate anything that minimizes the amount of effort involved in her beauty routine. Spongelle’s Body Wash Infused Buffer makes showering that much easier — just wet the flower-shaped sponge and rub over your body (no need to reach for a bar of soap or squeeze out a few drops of shower gel). And, while there are numerous scents available, the Peony/Cassis fragrance is the most innocent and dreamy.



20. Lacquered Wood Frames by Bussolari in Purple and Aqua, $118 each. Visit

Maybe she keeps a picture of her pooch (a la Elle Woods) by her side. Maybe she likes surrounding herself with photos of her own visage. Or perhaps it’s her wedding photo she likes to stare at. Whatever photographs she treasures most, she’ll want to keep them in a special frame that represents her style — and these aqua and purple options are simply irresistible.

21. CC Skye Sweetheart Necklace, $195. Visit PinkMascara.com

This necklace is a bit flamboyant for some princesses but others, well, they find it has just the right amount of flash. The extra large, teardrop-shaped blue and clear crystal stones add a dramatic, sinfully Dynasty-esque effect without going overboard into gaudy territory, and the way the main three-strand crystal framework curves into a deep V is seductive, drawing attention to the bosom and neck area.



22. Sex and the City “Love” Keychain, $64. Available at the HBO Store in NYC and at Hbo.com/Store

Louise from St. Louis (aka Jennifer Hudson’s character in the Sex and the City movie) isn’t the only idealistic romantic searching high and low for her proverbial soulmate. This lovely charm (pun intended) will not appeal to SATC loyalists, but to any gal searching for her special someone.


23. La Regale Ball Chain Clutch, $38. Visit SouthMoonUnder.com

This beaded golden clutch looks so positively regal it’s hard to believe it falls in the under-$50-club. Talk about the golden rule.




24. Motives Cosmetics 5 Pan Mineral Eye Shadow Palette in Celebrity, $35; and Motives Cosmetics Five-Color Pressed Eye Shadow Palette in Brown-Eyed Girl, $35. Visit MotivesCosmetics.com

This trend-setting make-up line offers great eyeshadow palettes meant to enhance — not alter — one’s natural features. The palettes’ color combos can be customized according to the customer’s eye color, desired look (smoky eye versus nude look, etc.), skin tone, and more. Even their cute names let you know who they’re tailored to (from Brown-Eyed Girls (pictured above) to Ol’ Blue Eyes and Green-Eyed Envy). Each of these kits will bring out the sparkle in any gal’s eye.


25. Sisley Black Tuberose Candle, $78. Visit NeimanMarcus.com

That crown atop the D’Ornato royal crest (the family that founded the Sisley brand) says it all: the scent that emanates from this candle is positively regal. Sisley’s first scented candle, this sleek offering combines sensual tuberose, white lily and warm, soothing vanilla for a bewitching fragrance that lasts through up to 35 hours of burn time.


26. Nina Ricci Gold Edition, $54. Available at Macys.com

Just like the three Wise Men traveled high and low bearing myrrh, incense and gold, Nina Ricci serves her loyal fans an updated, holiday-friendly version of her signature perfume bottle in matte gold (perhaps she was inspired by Caspar). The bottle is so wonderfully posh, there’s no need to even wrap this gift!



27. Smashbox Gift of Glow, $49. Available exclusively at Sephora. Visit Sephora.com

The pearlescent pink, quilted cosmetic case’s pink is enough to make any princess smile, but its contents are even more spectacular. Inside the see-through zippered pouches along the case’s inside, you’ll find a large kabuki brush, a shimmering, gold-tinged face powder, a tube of lipgloss in Gilded (a light golden hue), a small jar of waterproof shadow liner in Hollywood (a rich brown) and a liner brush. Essentially, these are all the necessary tools to add a radiant punch to your natural features.


28. Kaia Peterka “Starluxe” Clutch in Bronze Python, $465. Visit KaiaPeterka.com

This bronze clutch features hand-painted, light blue-and-gold python accents, and the pleated construction is such that it makes the bag look like one giant bow — one which any fashion-savvy girl will want to open time and time again.


29. Pureology Holiday Hydrate Box, $52. Visit Pureology.com for retailers.

Maybe she brushes her hair 100 times before she goes to bed or maybe she doesn’t, but no self-respecting high-maintenance girl would allow her locks to become dry and damaged. Help her maintain her healthy-looking mane with this Pureology trio, consisting of the Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the In Charge Plus Firm Finishing Spray. Packaged in a cylindrical box made of recyclable, unbleached paperwood and manufactured using wind-powered energy, this holiday kit is also Pureology’s very own gift to our environment.




30. Sabuda Pop-Up Flowers Note Cards, $21.95 for box of eight cards. Visit MomaStore.org

Who doesn’t like a fresh bouquet of flowers? With these pop-up note cards, you can give your sis some fresh blooms and bestow upon her the power to pay it forward and share the joy of flowers with others.


31. Bath & Body Works Vanilla Noir  Shower Gel and Body Lotion, $10.50 each. Visit BathAndBodyWorks.com. Available online now and at Bath & Body Works stores starting Dec. 1st.

For this pampered lady, even a shower or bath needs to feel like a treat and Bath & Body Works’ latest addition to its Signature Collection, Vanilla Noir, is a sultry mix of Madagascar vanilla, dark vanilla bean, black plum, bergamot orange and warm musk that envelops your skin like a silky blanket — one that smells so good, everyone will want to sneak a bit closer for a better sniff.


32. NUVO Sparkling Liqueur, $29.99 for 375 mL. Visit RaedersWine.com

This bubbly, pink vodka (which just made quite the appearance in Ludacris’ “One More Drink” video — it’s literally the only liquor bottle stacked in the bar of the clubs he visits in the clip) is packaged so as to appeal to the ladies. From the curved bottle to the liquor’s bright pink hue to the flowers etched along the bottle’s neck, NUVO is as ladylike as a spirit can get. The strawberry, passion fruit and peach flavors added to the liquor add a refreshing zest to the vodka.


33. Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang Eau de Parfum Spray, $65 for 1 oz bottle; Parfum Spray, $300. Visit EsteeLauder.com. Also available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman.

The second fragrance in Aerin Lauder’s Private Collection (Aerin is, of course, the granddaughter of fragrance/cosmetics empress Estee Lauder), Amber Ylang Ylang features Ylang flowers and amber as its core notes, with additional notes of Italian bergamot, Ylang absolute, geranium oil, Bulgarian Rose absolute, honey, vanilla, sandalwood and cinammon. The result is a deliciously indulgent scent that conveys luxury and sophistication. So high-class!

 34.GUESS Demi Bowler Handbag, $135. Visit Guess.com

This girlicious hue is as vivid as the bubblegum tucked inside a red cherry Blow Pop (and I mean that in the best possible way), but the chunky gold hardware accents toughen it up just enough to rescue it from Shirley Temple territory.


35. DANNIJO “La Vie En Rose” Necklace, $735. Visit Dannijo.com

Aptly dubbed “La Vie En Rose,” this freshwater pearl and gold necklace was inspired by French culture and fashion. Part of the “Joie De Vivre” collection, this sweet 19″ necklace, with its tooled gold accents, rosebud accent and cluster of pearls, looks like something even the tragically spoiled but hilariously starry-eyed and charming Juliet Darling would treasure dearly.


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