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If you thought Pier 1 Imports exclusively dealt in home furnishings and décor accents, you're in for a big surprise. Not only does the renowned retailer carry a selection of skincare products, but it's aiming for a stronger presence in the beauty realm, readying numerous collection launches for Spring 2009. But we'll talk about spring in due time; first, let's focus on what's available right now. Pier 1's Nature's Minerals Collection, currently available in all Pier 1 locations, incorporates four product lines, each boasting its own signature scent: Kyoto Blossom, Ming Palace, Kashmir Beauty and Zaira Desert. Each line incorporates scented shower gels, bath salts, foot creams, hand washes, hand creams, body butters, body lotions and salt scrubs.

Manufactured in Israel, the entire Nature's Mineral Collection is centered on the usage of Dead Sea mud, minerals and salts to yield therapeutic and skin-renewing effects. Other ingredients include: sodium and potassium, which are said to encourage cell hydration; magnesium, which promotes cell regeneration; bromine, which soothes inflammations; chlorine, which brings about mineral balance; and calcium, which helps to clear acne and revitalize tired skin. And, of course, each particular line includes a signature ingredient. The Kyoto Blossom line, for example, combines the Dead Sea Minerals with rose extract, which calms the skin. The Kashmir Beauty products, meanwhile, incorporate cardamom extract to soften skin.

In terms of the scents, the Kyoto Blossom products (the shower gel is pictured above) have a subtle rose aroma. The shower gel lathers nicely and the invigorating floral fragrance makes bathing an indulgent experience. The Kashmir Beauty products (the body lotion is pictured above) contain ginger and white tea notes but, frankly, you're more likely to detect a slight sea salt scent than anything else. That being said, the lightweight body lotion does moisturize and soothe skin.

Curious about the line? Check it out for yourself — and hey, maybe you can grab some Christmas tree ornaments while you're at it!

Kyoto Blossom Body Wash, $15; Kashmir Beauty Body Lotion, $15. Visit Pier1.com to find a store near you.

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