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Dip into Diptyque


Forget Santa coming to town — Diptyque is landing in NYC tomorrow!

Synonymous with elegance, serenity and style, Diptyque candles are must-haves in the dressing rooms of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez (back in 2003, TheSmokingGun.com claimed that, in her rider, La Lopez demanded her dressing room be equipped with white sofas and Diptyque candles), Vanessa Williams, and Britney Spears (who apparently also demands a private phone line). Why the longstanding fixation with the Parisian house's scented candles? Well, for one, they're exquisitely packaged — whether in a clear glass with a black-and-white stamp bearing the scented candle's name in bold, staggered letters, a red-tinged frosted glass (as with the Red Tubereuse candle), or a green-and-gold glass (like with the Green Fig candle). Second, there are over 50 scents to choose from, among them Freesia, Honey, Mimosa, Ivy, Gardenia, Geranium Rosa, Carnation and Violette. And, most importantly, the best ingredients are used to effectively capture each scent, making the lighting of a candle an indulgent sensory experience.

Starting tomorrow, December 3rd, New York-based fans of the Parisian company can traipse down to it first NYC retail location at 377 Bleecker Street (between Charles and Perry streets), experience this scent-ual paradise and pick up some holiday gifts. Designed by Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, the retail space plays up Diptyque's classic monochromatic color scheme (think about the understated elegance of its distinctive black-and-white glass candle containers), while also highlighting the brand's aristocratic quality. Inspired by an Edwardian mural, the space white feather and crystal chandeliers, Lucite furniture, black Astroturf carpet and sleek black-and-white displays.

The space will initially open as a pop-up location and will be redesigned in 2009 to become Diptyque's NYC flagship.

The store will be stocked with Diptyque's entire range of home and body care products, as well as their two limited-edition holiday offerings. First, there's the Basile Collection, which includes three full-sized candles with a Byzantine architectural design (pictured above), available in Briar Honey (a sexy, fruity scent packaged in a golden glass), Scotch Pine (a perfect wintry scent that will make your whole room smell nicer than the bet of Christmas trees, packaged in white colored glass ) and Amber (woodsy and leathery, this scented candle is packaged candle in black frosted glass). The second holiday gift option is a Black Box Coffret, featuring three mini candles in Pomander, Epicea and Feu de Bois scents.

Basile Collection Amber, Scotch Pine or Briar Honey candle, $78 each. Visit DiptyqueParis.com.

The new Diptyque store opens Dec. 3rd at 377 Bleecker Street (between Charles and Perry streets). Call 212.242.2333.

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