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Carol’s Daughter Gift Exchange

Candy Paint 2
Candy Paint 1
Let's say that, for Christmas, your grandma or aunt gives you a bath set that reeks so badly, you dread it will leave you smelling like you need to take yet another bath (with an entirely different shower gel, bubble bath or bar soap that doesn't trigger your gag reflex). Well, give your relative the necessary smile, hug and "thank you," but don't just stick that unopened bath set on a shelf, where it will gather dust (and take up space).

Instead, head down to one of the seven stand-alone Carol's Daughter stores in New York, California, New Jersey and Maryland on December 26th and vie for a chance to swap your unopened, unused drugstore bath set or personal care set (up to a $40 value) for a brand new Carol's Daughter item of an equal or lesser value. Your unused gifts will then be donated to the Lupus Foundation of America (so everybody wins!)

The gift exchange event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and only the first 100 guests will be able to participate.

Here are the details on how the exchange works:

** Customers who bring in a gift set with a value of under $25 can swap for a Bath Bomb, Lip Butter, or Candy Paint. Those who bring in a gift set with a value of over $25 can swap for a Bath Bomb, Bar Soap, or Shea Soufflé.

** Customers who bring in a hair product can swap for any 4 oz. Hair Milk, Healthy Hair Butter or Lisa’s Hair Elixir.

**Customers who bring in a fragrance can swap for any EDT or Atomizer.

**Customers who bring in a body cream, soap, or lotion can swap for any Bar Soaps, 4 oz. Shea Soufflés or any Body Scrub.

** Customers who bring in a facial skincare item can swap for any Toner or Candy Paint (like the ones pictured above).

To find the exact address of a Carol's Daughter store near you, log on to CarolsDaughter.com

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