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Holiday Gifts For Last-Minute Shoppers!

Been putting in so many long hours at work that you haven't had a chance to do your holiday shopping? Well, you better put some pep in your step! If you're not going to see some family members or friends on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and you can win yourself an extra week or two, then why not order their gifts online and avoid the shopping mall madness? And hey, even if you're in a bit of a time rush and you'll have to physically enter a store, you should always go in with a battle plan: know exactly what kind of an item you're looking for (the more specific, the better) and where you can find it.

If you want to be extra prepared, do some online browsing, find what you want to purchase, and then search online (or call customer service) for information regarding what location and/or retailer has that item in stock.

Remember that luck is when preparation and opportunity meet, and you are one lucky gal!


Lee Angel Large Scallop Stretch Bracelet, $235. Visit Singer22.com

There's a dynamic, near hallucinogenic quality to the bright aqua blue and lime green in this wide stretch bracelet but, in this case, it sets us on the right kind of trance.

HL_solid perfume group-LR

Harajuku Lovers Solid Coffret, $60. Visit Sephora.com

As if the Harajuku Lovers EDT sprays weren't cute enough, now fans of the fragrance can get it in solid form. Plus, this means your favorite HL homegirl (whether it's Angel, Music, Baby, Love or Lil G) can travel right in your purse and keep you some company!

TBS Shea Cashmere Body Lotion (jpeg)

True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Body Lotion, $16.50. Visit BathAndBodyWorks.com

Not only is this lotion extremely moistruizing, but it smells delicious — like a gourmet caramel candy or maybe some English toffee. Yum!


Pour La Victoire "Felicia" Platform Sandals, $235. Visit Piperlime.com

The color block motif is taken to new heights with this leader-of-the-pack platform sandal by Pour La Victoire, one of Piperlime's newly added footwear lines.


Patricia Field for Payless Tango Coin Purse, $12.99. Visit Payless.com

Whether she's styling the Lipstick Jungle cast, stocking up her great NYC store or designing for Payless, Patricia Field always brings a discerning but adventurous eye to her fashion creations. This lilac coin purse is convenient and functional, but the diagonal placement of the zipper adds a touch of sass.


Vieta Starburst Belt, $21. Visit AboutAttitude.com

Between the subtle gold grommets on one side of the belt, the rhinestone-studded belt buckle, the pleating details along the belt's other side, and the horseshoe shape framing the buckle, this belt packs more power than anything Batman and Alfred could concoct.


Noir Goldfill and White Enamel Multi-Colored Hinge Bracelet, $200. Visit Fragments.com

White is such a fantastic, wintry color so to play up all those snowflake blanc, eggshell and ecru sweater and shirts, slip on this funky cuff bracelet.


Banana Republic Winter Candle, $24. Visit BananaRepublic.com

Pine and cinnamon notes make this candle a holiday favorite, perfect for creating the feel of a cozy log cabin with a crackling fireplace and a couple staying snug and sipping egg nog under a heated blanket.


Bodhi Pebble Bucket Tote in Violet, $350. Visit Baghaus.com

As if the unusual shape weren't enough of a selling point, Bodhi designers added some roomy, square exterior pockets, a frame handle, and their signature large buttons for a streamlined and exquisitely modern look.


Isharya Ebony Cuff Bracelet With Green Agate, $230. Visit MoondanceJewelry.comm

The unfinished edges of the green agate stone give this otherwise sleek, streamlined bracelet a more rugged, animalistic feel that artsy, Bohemian types (such as myself) will relish.


Jeffrey Campbell "Annie" Black Suede Flats With Grommets, $125. Visit Singer22.com

Moccasins get a rock-and-roll makeover with gold-toned pyramid stud details. I can just see Lindsay Lohan wearing them now…


April Aultman Orchid Necklace, $180. Visit ShopScadOnline.com

Confucius once equated being in the company of a "superior person" with
"entering a hall of orchids." Let someone know you hold her company in the highest of regard with this handmade, glass orchid necklace.


Agraria Home Mediterranean Jasmine Crystal Cane Candle, $75. Visit AgrariaHome.com

This candle's aroma is strong enough to sweeten your entire home and, when lit, the blue wax inside this intricately cut glass jar makes for a heavenly scene.


Filigree Heart Earrings, $44. Visit SpaceMermaid.com

These delicate, heart-shaped earrings feature small pearl and rose quartz accents for maximum ladylike appeal.


Trefoil Demi Servers, $38. Visit JaysonHomeAndGarden.com

No one wants to break out some toss-away plastic serving spoons and forks when you're hosting a formal dinner. These chic servers will make your guests' mouths water about as much as the home-cooked meal.

MJD Solid Perfume Necklace and Pouch

Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace, $35. Visit Sephora.com

You don't need a compass to guide you towards civilization when you've got this charming necklace, filled with Marc Jacobs' Daisy solid perfume, dangling from your neck. This necklace is like the Pied Piper's flute — the men will come flocking your way and, once they do, you can ask for directions (and get a handsome guide in the process, one bewitched by your smell).


Marc by Marc Jacobs T-Strap Sandals, $475. Visit Piperlime.com

If Wonder Woman were around nowadays, she'd demand that her footwear be updated — and these Marc Jacobs strappy sandals, with those blue-and-red leather stars, would be at the top of her list.


Obaku Harmony V102L Watch, $350. Visit Obaku.com for more information.

Swiss watch company Obaku Harmony takes its name — and its design aesthetics — from Zen philosophies that glorify simplicity and eschew any unnecessary frills. Their watches, then, feature rounded silhouettes that resemble calming influences in nature (ocean waves, celestial orbs, etc.), crisp but muted color schemes, and delicate but beautiful design details.



Dunny Series Five 3-Inch Mini Figures, $6.95 each. Visit Kidrobot.com

The latest Dunny collection features artwork by: Amanda Visell, Aya Kakeda, Clutter, Devilrobots, Dirty Donny, Frank Kozik, Huck Gee, Jellymoon, Jesse LeDoux, JK5, Junko Mizuno,
Kathie Olivas, MAD, Mad Barbarians, MISHKA, Reach, Sneaky Raccoon,
Steven Harrington and TOOFLY. Talk about a hit series!


Botkier Xenia Boots, $725. Visit Botkier.com

These sexy boots feature a long cuff that cover most of the wintry pink heel, and the pleated details along the back of the ankle and heel bring on the drama.


Marcia Moran Gold Necklace With Carnelian Pendant, $95. Visit MoondanceJewelry.com

The veil-like gold chain links along the stone pendant give this necklace a posh but mysterious quality that holds the beholder's attention.

Philip B Limited-Edition Chocolate Milk Collection Gift Set, $62.50. Visit PhilipB.com

Milk does a body good, but Philip B's Chocolate Milk Body Wash and Body Creme, with their moisturizing cocoa butter mix, do it wonders.


Wyndham Estate Spakling Shiraz, $16.99. Visit AmericasWineShop.com

This fruity, scarlet red spirit boasts the fruity aroma of a young wine but the bubbly texture of a champagne — perfect for a celebration.

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