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Holiday Gifts Part 4: For the Kids (and the Moms-to-Be)



The Clever Kitty Felted Hi-Top Baby Shoes, $27.50. Visit TheCleverKitty.Etsy.com

These lace-up booties look like hi-top sneakers (think PF Flyers or Chuck Taylors) so, once you slip them on your baby, he or she may just experience a bit of a swagger boost (or at least you will!)


Juicy Couture Baby Girl Pacifier Set, $24. Visit ShopPetal.com

If you’re buying for a new mom who manages to work a stroller with amazing deftness while also walking in heels a la Posh Spice, then you might want to consider getting her this pacifier set. After all, she’ll want her baby to be stylin’ as much as she is!


 miYim Organic Gift Set, $48.99.
Visit Amazon.com

Any mommy concerned with “greening” her house will fall in love with this layette set, which includes a cozy blanket bearing a sheep’s head at the corner, a duck-shaped rattle and a bunny rabbit toy — all made using organic cotton free of any artificial dyes.

Honey Child Kit

Noodle & Boo Glowology Honey Child Kit, $35. Visit NoodleAndBoo.com

The Glowology line was designed for mothers who have skin that’s as sensitive as that of their children (it”s a subset of the Noodle & Boo line of baby products which proved to be so successful among adult women, who used the products for their own bathing and moisturizing routines, that the creators decided to launch a line exclusively for these mommies).

The Sugar Mama Honey Scrub includes exfoliating sugar, moisturizing shea butter and honey, soothing aloe and vitamin E, and nourishing coconut oil. The Sugar Mama Honey Bar, meanwhile, features a blend of honey, shea butter, and vitamins that nourishes, cleanses and moisturizes delicate skin. This kit is perfect for a new mommy, especially since she can share the soap with her baby!


Splendid Littles Mini Stripe Onesie And Hat Gift Set, $66. Visit Miostile.com

This ultra soft onesie and matching beanie hat are the perfect gift for any newborn girl (or her loving mother). The two pieces come inside a matching cinch bag for added cuteness.



Rosie Pope Maternity Linen Classic Diaper Bag in White, $358; Leather Hobo Diaper Bag in Chocolate, $398. Visit RosiePopeMaternity.com

Diaper bags tend to be so unseemly and, really, who wants to carry around a chic purse and then add on a huge, tacky nylon bag with polka dots or cartoon character prints? Yuck! What stylish mommies need are multi-tasking diaper bags that, on the outside, look as fabulous as their best purses and, on the inside, include all the necessary compartments (a bottle holder, diaper changing mat, tiny pockets for pacifiers, a slot for diapers, larger pockets for clothing changes, etc.).

These elegant diaper bags by chic maternity line Rosie Pope are roomy enough to fit all the necessary accouterments, as well as mommy’s own essentials (keys, wallet, lipstick, etc.), and each comes with a matching foldable changing mat (nice touch, right?). The leather is sumptuous and buttery soft, and the designs are sleek and versatile — so much so that other women will stare at your bag in envy, not even realizing it’s a diaper bag!

Frankly, I’d wear the chocolate-colored leather hobo bag any day of the week (and note: my child is 4, so I clearly wouldn’t be using it as a diaper bag!)


Ugg Australia Baby Crochet Booties, $49.95. Visit Nordstrom.com

Don’t let those silly hats Common used to wear fool you — crochet can be rather fashionable, especially when it comes to baby fashions. These precious Ugg booties, with their pastel color scheme and ribbon detail, are proof of what grandmas everywhere have been telling us for years: a few balls of yarn and some knitting needles can lead to wearable art.


Manuella elephant, $36. Visit

This bright pink elephant stuffed animal reminds me of the Ant Eater from the old-school Pink Panther cartoons (which is probably why I dig it!). There’s also a sheepish, Eeyore-like quality to it: the drooping ears, limp trunk (get your minds out the gutter!), squinted eyes, and oddly shaped body make it a bit awkward — and all the more in need of some hugs.


Summer Infant Nature’s Purest Activity Block, $49.99. Visit Amazon.com

Eco-conscious mommies who don’t want to invest in plastic toys will go ga-ga over these stackable blocks made using organic cotton.


Ralph Lauren Tartan Dress, $55. Visit RalphLauren.com

Tartan prints have been huge this fall, and Ralph Lauren has certainly been carrying the torch for the trend, releasing posh jackets and ankle boots in black-and-red tartan prints (you might remember Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams’ character on Ugly Betty) wearing a tartan print Ralph Lauren jacket during the recent “Tornado Girl” episode). Now, babies can get in on the fun too, with this adorable tartan dress with ruffled sleeves and neckline.


Nui Organics “Kina Collection” Lamb Booties, $35. Visit Amazon.com

Give the lovable baby in your life some holiday spirit with these cozy red boots, made of 100% wool and lambskin.


So Cozy Starter Kit, $30. Visit SoCozyCutsForKids.com

Does your baby detest bath time? Well, So Cozy might just be your lifesaver when it comes to tub waters— the collection of tear free shampoos and conditioners comes in kid-friendly scents like grape, green apple and strawberry, and the bright bottles alone will grab your child’s attention.


Small Paul Tuxedo Onesie, $24. Visit TheDapperBaby.com

Attending a formal affair? Don’t want your sweet pea to feel left out? Then dress him up in this trompe l’oeil tuxedo onesie (note how it even has a pocket hankie!) and let him be the most dashing gent in the crowd!



L’Occitane Animal Soap Set, $8. Visit Usa.LOccitane.com

These gentle, animal-shaped soaps are safe to use on infants with sensitive skin (and they’ll giggle over the fun animal shapes). Another plus: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these sets will go to ORBIS, an organization that helps the blind.



Children’s Place Snowman Blanket Sleeper Pajamas. $8 each. Visit ChildrensPlace.com

These fleece footsie pajamas are so cozy you’ll wonder if they make any in your size. Sure, it would probably kill your sex life, but you wouldn’t complain about it being too cold in your crib!



Kung Fu Panda & Secrets Of The Furious Five DVD pack, $24.49. Visit BN.com

When it comes to the best children’s movies out there, I always look to a wonderfully truthful, reliable source: my 4-year-old son. This has officially become his new favorite movie (he’ll watch it over and over and over again for days on end). It’s smart, witty, action-packed (hey, most little kids won’t sit still for a slow-moving film), and has a beautiful moral in the end. It’s a movie both kids and parents will appreciate.


FurReal Tumbles Rollover Puppy, $29.88 at Amazon.com

Has your little one been driving you crazy asking fro a puppy? Does the thought of walking a dog several times a day, shelling out money for Pedigree and Iams, and scheduling vet visits make you shudder? Well, no need to despair: the FurReal Tumbles puppy is so lifelike, it’ll satisfy your little one’s desire to own a doggy (at least temporarily!). If you squeeze its paw, the dog rolls over playfully and barks in amusement. Your kid can play with this pup all day, and there will be no Pooper Scooper needed. How’s that for a selling point?!


My Little Pony Collection Original 1983 My Little Pony Collection, $10.99. Visit Amazon.com

Just in time for the holidays, Hasbro released the classic 1983 MLP collection featuring Blue Belle, Cotton Candy and Butterscotch. Share the joy you once had playing with these dreamy ponies with your little girl — she’ll appreciate your enthusiasm!



Splendid Littles Goodnight Lurex Striped Tank Dress, $46.95. Visit TuttiBella.com. 

This striped tank dress, which has a Where’s Waldo?-meets-Candy Land feel, is so saucy it made me daydream about having a little girl (just so I could dress her up in this!). The shimmering silver stripes add an extra dose of look-at-me-now attitude —perfect for those precocious, coquettish little girls who love the spotlight.


VTech Wall-E laptop, $29.99. Visit VTechKids.com

The year’s most lovable robot can now teach your kids thanks to this laptop, which features five distinct functions: letters, words, math, logic and games. Wall-E’s eyes blink for every right answer, which surely is way more encouraging than any gold star sticker!


Burberry Girls’ Exploded Tonal Coat, $400. Visit Bloomingdales.com

I can almost picture a young Dakota Fanning wearing this coat in some Hollywood film, like maybe Uptown Girls. With its velvet collar and cuffs and classic Burberry print, it’s the ultimate coat for your little princess.


Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader Card Game — Disney Edition, $12.99. Visit ToysRUs.com

Looking through some of the questions printed on these game cards, I can honestly say I’m not smarter than a 5th grader! LOL. This educational game is tons of fun, and you’ll all come out learning a thing or two (yes, you included). Plus, the new Disney packaging will draw kids even more and make the whole learning experience seem like the most amusing of activities.


Guess Baby Girl Sheen Satin Shoes, $30. Visit Macys.com

She may not be a ballerina, but in these satin shoes with rhinestone accents, your baby girl will be the primadonna in the crowd.





Cranium Hullabaloo, $15.99 at Amazon.com

If your kids are always bouncing off the walls, then why not get them a game that will allow them to do so while also encouraging them to learn? The talking musical console adds another element to the game, encouraging kids to dance on cue and the illustrated cards make it easy to follow the instructions. Kids move from one color to the next and use their bodies to pull off the instructed moves, whether it involves spinning, crawling, stomping or any other fun activity!


New Balance 574 Sesame Street sneakers (shown above in the “Cookie Monster” and “Elmo” styles), $42.99 each; Adidas Bokajone Looney Tunes sneakers (Sylvester the Cat, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck styles pictured), $39.95; Reebok Freestyle “Mrs. Potato Head” edition and Reebok Reverse Jam Mr. Potato Head edition. All available at Footlocker stores. Visit FootLocker.com

Kids love cartoons. Parents love seeing their kids’ small feet in nice sneakers. With these fun shoes by New Balance, Adidas’ Bojakone line and Reebok, everyone wins. The New Balance Sesame Street kicks are adorable (I’m particularly fond of the Cookie Monster style), but I think the Reebok Mr. Potato Head sneakers are the most unexpected and innovative. But hey, it’s all about what will make your kid smile!


Mater Ride-On Toy, $29.99. Visit Target.com

Let your little one go for a spin in this adorable ride-on car, shaped like Mater (the lovable tow truck character from the Pixar movie Cars). And no worries — Mater may have been the “world’s best backwards driver” in the movie, but this ride-on toy will go straight ahead (as long as your child navigates it well, that is!)




Little Ella by Ella Moss Madison dress, $76. Visit LisaKline.com

When creating her Little Ella line, beloved designer Ella Moss did not skimp on style. Her offerings feature premium cotton jersey that feels like a second skin, and the designs are just as flirty and fabulous. This long-sleeved wrap dress is so fly, you’ll wonder if it’s available in adult sizes.


Fisher-Price GeoTrax Rail and Road System Grand Central Station, $54.49. Visit Amazon.com

What little boy doesn’t like an intricate train set? This one is compact enough that it won’t take over an entire living room, but it still has all the bells and whistles to make a kid’s eyes sparkle: the looping train tracks, the station overhead, staircases and more.



Geometric Pendant Necklace, $12.99. Visit GirlProps.com

Are you always telling your daughter to get her curious little fingers out of your jewelry box? Well, maybe it’s time to get her some funky pieces of her own. Sure, she’s not old enough to own some family heirlooms but why not treat her to some stylish costume jewelry? This geometric pendant necklace, with its overlapping rectangular and square shapes, is just the ticket.


Dylan’s Candy Bar Candy Lip Saver Set, $30. Visit DylansCandyBar.com

Packaged in this vibrant container, which plays up Dylan’s Candy Bar’s sweet roots, this set includes four flavored lip treatments: Coconut Bonbon, Birthday Cake Batter, Strawberry Licorice and Chocolate Cupcake. It’s age-appropriate for pre-teen girls, and they’ll still feel foxy and oh-so-cool.


M3 Girl Designs Magnetic “Snap Cap” Bottle Cap Necklaces, $14. Visit M3GirlDesigns.com

This is one of THE most creative gift ideas I’ve seen this season! Launched in 2006 by a then-11-year-old sixth grader in Texas, M3 Girl Designs offers embellished bottlecap necklaces in various designs: from bold initials to ’70s-inspired icons (peace signs, happy faces, etc.), recycle logos, and “western” or “diva” motifs.

Each handmade bottlecap bears a magnet on its back and the accompanying necklace features a metal loop, making it possible for the caps to snap right on to the necklace (the clever set-up also allows young girls to switch up the Snap Caps to suit their mood or match their outfits). These affordable Snap Caps can be traded among friends, used to decorate lockers, or even collected (like boys do with baseball cards). It’s fun, creative and stylish — what more can you ask for?


Maddie Boot, $58.50. Visit Delias.com

Does your 12-year-old want some funky boots? Well, it doesn’t get wilder than these zebra print boots, lined with faux sheepskin.


Philosophy “Under the Mistletoe” Lipgloss Ornament Trio, $28. Visit Sephora.com

If your daughter is at that age where she’s dying to wear makeup but you just don’t think it’s appropriate quite yet, then meet her half way with these shimmering lip glosses from Philosophy. They’re barely tinted, but they will add a bit of sparkle to lips. Plus the flavors are so yummy: Spicy Pear, Gingerbread and Orange Cranberry.

The best part? You can buy this lipstick trio and hang the ornament box on your Christmas tree!


Cube World Series 4, $14.95 for 2-pack. Visit Firebox.com

Each of these cubes features an animated stick figure partaking in an activity (whether it’s shooting hoops or playing soccer). If you get one cube, your stick guy will amuse himself (and you can push the buttons and coordinate his moves) BUT, if you add on another cube, the stick guys in each cube will interact with one another, creating their very own world. The more cubes you get, the bigger the party!

LC-0178C StockingTreatGrp2 

Sally Hansen La Cross Stocking Treats Implement Stuffer, $2.95. Available at Duane Reade and Rite Aid stores.

Once girls hit a certain age, they become fascinated with their nails, begging their moms for some nail polish and maybe even a trip to get a manicure. If your daughter is old enough to do her nails, then why not give her the necessary tools with this adorable Sally Hansen set? Packaged in a stocking-shaped plastic, the set includes a nail clipper, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer and nail file.


Loop Design Teaser Tote in Aqua Houndstooth, $50. Visit Karmaloop.com

This houndstooth bag looks like a caricature (the slit pocket looks like a mouth and the round ruffled shoulder strap bases look like makeshift eyes), and the colorway is dazzling and electric.


Fossil heart necklace, $25. Visit Fossil.com

Give the love of your life a jeweled heart necklace (a heart for your heart, if you will). This tiny gold-tone necklace with a heart pendant featuring light colorado crystal accents is perfect for young girls, and it’s packaged in a tin case designed to resemble a gift box and including a ribbon for those who want to hang it up on a tree. 


S.T.A.M.P.S. Glam Duo Watch, $65. Visit UrbanOutfitters.com

Does your little girl know what time it is? Does she have a unique sense of style? Does she want to stand out from the fray? Then she’ll fall in love with this bold watch with its houndstooth print watch — she’ll be flashing it more than Flavor Flav does his clocks, ok?!



Planet Sox socks, starting at $8. Available at Daffy’s stores.

Socks get a bum rap. If you tell someone they’re getting socks for Christmas, it can lead to tears, groaning, sighing, or a straight-up temper tantrum. But see, that’s because they’ve never received socks as fashionable and quirky as these — not just wardrobe necessities but accessories that can spice up an outfit, these Planet Sox offerings could just have your kids smiling over a box of socks.


Dakine Girls “Madge” Bag in Windowpane Print, $39.95; Dakine Girls “Betty” Cosmetic Case in Windowpane Print, $34.95. Visit BagKing.com

Girls who love Barbies, Sweet Valley High, Hannah Montanna and High School Musical will appreciate these Dakine bags, which feature a surfer girl, flowered print in turquoise, white and hot pink. The “Madge” is a roomy shoulder bag perfect for a trip to the movies or to the mall with the girls, while the “Betty” cosmetic case is perfect for all her lip glosses and tiny brushes.


C-Thru Ruby, Blue Opal and Purple Diamond scents, $17 for 1 oz. and $25 for 2.5 oz. Available at Wal-Mart stores in December and at Target and Kohl’s stores in January.

These jewel-toned fragrance bottles are a great addition to your teen (or pre-teen’s) dresser. The three C-Thru scents (Ruby, a blend of peach, rose and vanilla; Blue Opal, a dynamic mix of watermelon and lilac; and Purple Diamond, a sexier jasmine-based fragrance) are designed specifically for young girls and the scents are appealing without being overly sexy. Give your girl this collection of scents and she’ll feel like a princess.


Forget Me Knot Ring,$54. Available at FredFlare.com

Give your daughter (or your little cousin or niece) this dainty ring as a token of your undying affection for her. Years from now, she’ll still remember the gesture and smile.

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