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More Holiday Gifts: Stocking Stuffers

Size isn't everything. You don't have to present your loved one with an enormous box adorned with a majestic velvet bow in order to make a lasting impression. Sometimes, a special little trinket tucked inside a stocking can constitute a much better — and more gratifying — surprise.

Whether it's a shimmering lip gloss set, some antique-looking earrings, a sleek leather keychain, a box of chocolates or a travel-sized nail polish kit, there are all sorts of small tokens of affection that you can stuff inside a Christmas stocking.

Here, a few stocking stuffer ideas spanning across all price points (from less than $10 to over $300).


Kimberly Baker "Daria" earring, $165. Visit KimberlyBaker.com

These earrings' "Daria" name just automatically triggers the "La-La-Laaa-La-La/This is my stop" theme song from that old, animated Daria show that used to come on MTV, but unlike that sarcastic (albeit lovable) book worm character, there's nothing antisocial about these metal earrings, which boast a refined Medieval quality that's enchanting without being precious, epitomizing strength and femininity.


Givenchy Le Soin Noir, $360. Visit Sephora.com

Containing Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate (the first time the ingredient has been used in a skincare product), this cream counteracts the aging process. The black algae contains molecules rich in fatty acids, allowing the skin to restore its elasticity and hydration and to better protect itself from light-induced aging and wrinkles. It's as precious as a freshwater black pearl — except this treasure can actually draw attention to your face.


"The Girl With A Pearl Ring" Rings in Blue, Red or Copper, $18 each. Visit AlltheRageOnline.com

These domed rings have a baroque quality to them that's simply dazzling, and the faux pearl centers add a classical appeal worthy of the Mona Lisa.


Anya Hindmarch "Home" Keychain, $55. Visit Vivre.com

There's no place like home, right? So why not hang the keys to the kingdom on a worthy ring? Thanks to Anya Hindmarch, you can always make a fashionable entrance.


Lace ID Case, $16. Visit UrbanOutfitters.com

Don't just stack your business cards into some lame plastic sleeve. For less than $20, you can keep them in this lace-trimmed case (very Madonnas circa the "Lika A Virgin" years). Trust me: when people see you pull out that case, they'll want to know who you are — and what you do.


Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Lip Gloss, $12.50. Visit BeautyExclusive.com

Chapped lips are never attractive and, as the bitter old sets in, you have to take greater precautions. This fantastic lip gloss by Archipelago infuses those lips with moisture, while also stimulating your sense of smell thanks to the key pomegranate ingredient. It's pretty darned yummy!


R.J. Graziano Blue Swirl Enamel Hinge Bracelet, $33. Visit Bluefly.com

With its swirl design, this enamel bracelet hearkens back to the '60s without verging on hippie-dippy territory.


Essie Mega Mini Treasures, $15. Visit EssieShop.com

If you're buying for someone who likes to color coordinate her nail polish with her outfits, then you can't go wrong with Essie's Mini Treasures kit, which comes with four 0.5 fl.oz. bottles of Berry Hard, Jelly Apple, Pink Glove Service and Imported Champagne.


Interlocking Circles Clip-On Pavé Earrings, $49.99. Visit Girlprops.com

These pavé earrings flirt with the over-the-top look Joan Collins sported in her Dynasty days without taking it all the way to soap opera land. In other words, they're very dramatic — but never over-the-top.


Zia Natural Skincare Zia-to-Go Dry Skin, $19.95. Visit ZiaNatural.com

This travel set, designed for women with dry skin, includes such popular Zia products as a Moisturizing Cleanser (1.6 fl. oz.), a Bamboo Exfoliant (1.6 fl. oz.), a bottle of Sea Tonic Rosewater & Aloe Toner (1.6 fl. oz.), a 0.25 oz. jar of Nourishing Cream, and a 0.25 oz. jar of Citrus Night Time Reversal cream.


Pur Minerals "Smile, Pout, Kiss" Lip Gloss Trio, $25. Visit PurMinerals.com

These three lovely lip gloss shades plump and moisturize your lips, then deliver the right amount of color and shine to make them so kissable men everywhere will be scrambling for some mistletoe (or a spot next to you on New Year's Eve!).


Rag & Bone Extra Long Gloves, $185. Visit Lagarconne.com

It's brick outside and, if you're buying for someone like me, some flimsy gloves that stop at the wrist just won't cut it. With these extra long, plum-colored gloves, you can stay warm from the tips of your fingers to well past your elbows. Plus, you can always wear them with shorter sleeved garments should the weather permit it!


IMAN Global Chic Knock Out Cocktail Ring in Slim Amethyst, $69.95. Visit HSN.com

There's nothing like a magnetizing cocktail ring to snazz up and outfit. This bejeweled wonder, with its prominent, amethyst-hued center stone and its tiny crystals encrusted along the sides, will turn as many heads as J.Lo's pink diamond engagement ring (remember that number? during her ill-fated engagement to Ben Affleck?). The best part: you won't have to splurge on a Harry Winston design to get the desired attention!


Forzieri Small Ostrich-embossed Leather Wallet, $58.75. Visit Forzieri.com

A wallet is always a good gift. Everybody either needs one or could use an upgrade. See, after a few months of manhandling a wallet and stuffing all kinds of credit cards, IDs, discount cards, photos, and membership cards in there, that thing will be ready to burst! This peach-colored wallet is simple enough to boast a universal appeal and yet its high quality is undeniable.


Wendy Nichol Leather Pyramid Studs, $77. Visit RavinStyle.com

Shopping for a style maven? A rock-and-roll lover? Then treat her to these slick, pyramid-shaped earrings. They'll certainly fit her better than some cubic zirconias!


POP Beauty Goddess Clutch, $25. Visit Sephora.com

This multi-tasking beauty clutch includes three powder/bronzer shades and eight eyeshadow hues — enough to play makeup artist and constantly reinvent your look. The best part? When you snap it closed, it looks like an elegant, silver croc clutch.


Benefit Cosmetics BADGal Plum Mascara, $19. Visit BenefitCosmetics.com

Adding length and volume to those lashes isn't enough? Then why not add a surge of color with Benefit's BADgal Plum Mascara? You'll feel like a bit of a beauty renegade!


"Honeychile" Luxe Link, $35. Visit LuxeLink.com

Don't like setting your purse on the ground? Worry about it getting dirty? Then invest in this handy gadget. The Luxe Link contains a magnet that sticks to the bottom of any table and, around the circumference, there's a metal hook that can be unfurled and from which you can hang your lovely purse. And just like that — you don't have to worry about soiling that Fendi ever again.

VLR Charm WhiteBlack2

"Viva La Rock!" Chain Necklace, $13. Visit VivaLaRock.net

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara, $18. Visit Sephora.com

The Buxom Lash Mascara does precisely what the Buxom Lip Glosses did for your pout: plump, enhance and accentuate. For thick, voluminous, seductive lashes, look no further.



Tarina Tarantino Crystal Pavé Heart Necklace, $150. Visit TarinaTarantino.com

This heart necklace screams out girly fun. It's the type of accessory you put on to feel young, full of life, and ready to take on the world.


Borghese Nail Lacquer in Bella Blackberry, $7.99. Available at Walgreens.com

This nail polish hue is dark enough to feel a bit vamp-ish, but the sparkling texture adds a flirtatious luminosity.


Tokidoki "Heart & Crossbones" Keychain, $25. Visit Tobi.com

Inspired by Japanese animé, Tokidoki always offers up some cute designs with a bit of a punk edge. This keychain, which features the classic crossbones associated with pirates, gets an adorable makeover thanks to a pink color scheme and the addition of a heart emblem in lieu of the traditional skull. Take that, mates!


Yes to Carrots Lip Butters, $9.99. Visit Yes-To-Carrots.com

These all-natural, hydrating lip butters, which use carrot as the main active ingredient, are available in flavors like Berry, Mint and, of course, Carrot.


OJON's "Tour of the Rainforest" 7-Piece Discovery Set, $39. Visit QVC.com

If you want to put someone on to Ojon Hair's product line, ease them into the process by presenting them with these trial-sized bottles of their best-selling shampoos and conditioners. When their hair starts looking fabulous, they'll be ready to join the Ojon tribe of loyal followers.


House of Harlow 1960 White Leather Cocktail Ring, $55. Visit ShopKitson.com

Nicole Richie's jewelry line just keeps getting better and better. This extra large ring features white leather and crystal studs for a look that's a bit Mod and very rock star.


Tweezerman Polka Dot Swarovski Crystal Slant Tweezers, $40. Visit Tweezerman.com

Even your tweezers can get a nice dose of bling this Christmas! These Swarovski-covered tweezers will jazz up any vanity table. They're the perfect gift for the Cinderella in your life.

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