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Shape Shifters


Ate too much over the Christmas holiday? Well, join the club (and no, I don't mean Weight Watchers). Yes, we all tend to overdose on eggnog, pernil, candied yams, macaroni and cheese, arroz con gandules, pumpkin pie, sugar cookies, pecan pie and any chocolates or sweets wrapped in red or green tinfoil. And of course, unless you have an uncannily high metabolism, that will probably lead to some weight gain. But don't press that panic button just yet. Don't get hysterical thinking you're the chubby girl at the junior high pool party who refuses to take her T-shirt off, the one whose cheeks are incessantly pinched at every family gathering as if doing so, like rubbing Buddha's belly, will ensure a good fortune. All you gotta do is commit to eating healthy from now on, working out a bit more, and regaining your pre-feast figure.

What about that extra flesh around your midsection? Ladies, in this day and age, we can camouflage pretty much anything — and a little extra fat around your belly or hips is no exception. If you want to wear a slinky dress but are feeling a bit reserved, then reach for a Teez-Her Skinny Tank, like the one pictured above, for some damage control.

Before you panic, let me assure you that this is not some heinous torture device. It's not going to cut off your circulation or impair your breathing like some Victorian corset. In fact, the Skinny Tank features a center panel made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex for a stretchy fit that will smooth and elongate your figure without smothering it. The rest of the tank is made of 100% cotton for a very cozy feel and the entire piece is so lightweight that you can use it as the base for any outfit — whether it be a tank top, blouse, or dress. And don't worry — it's cleverly designed so that it won't bunch up or roll up (if you've ever tried to use cheap, Bridget Jones-style granny panties for some tummy-sucking action, you know what I'm talking about!).

With the Skinny Tank, that little bit of padding will go completely unnoticed and your tightest outfits won't have to hang in your closet in apprehension while you drop those nagging pounds. And hey, whenever you're having one of those I'm-retaining-water-and-I-feel-bloated-and-nasty days, you've got a secret weapon in your drawer.

Teez-Her Skinny Tank, $28. Visit BeallsFlorida.com

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