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Aloha to Great Skin — Meet Hawaiian Skincare Brand Pure & True


It’s hard to live in such an idyllic place as Hawaii without harboring the utmost respect for nature (those palm trees, that resplendent ocean water, the golden sand…. ahh, I need a vacation…). Maui-based Michelle Garcia, the Founder and President of Pure & True, launched her very own green skincare line shortly after giving birth to her son Ethan. s a mother myself, I can attest to the fact that, once you have children and start thinking — or panicking, rather — about how the environmental crisis will affect them as adults and their future families, you become all the more passionate about living a greener lifestyle and making sure our Earth doesn’t wind up looking like that Heathcliff-worthy junkyard dump pictured in Wall-E.

Wanting to incorporate high-quality, natural ingredients found in her island paradise, Garcia ensured that Pure & True Organic Beauty products included tropical fruit oils (from papaya extract to avocado oil, passionfruit distillate and pineapple and coconut extracts), fragrant and skin balancing flower oils (jasmine, hibiscus and rose, among them), antioxidant-packed green and white tea extracts and, of course, marine elements like seaweed and blue-green algae. Other distinctive ingredients include sugar cane extract (side note: those of you who have never tried güarapo, sugar cane juice, should definitely do so) and Hawaiian deep sea water.

So what about the products themselves? Do they deliver? Well, I’m happy to say that they do, but to get the best results, you need to commit yourself to a regimen that includes various products, as they’re designed to complement one another.

Let’s start with the Blossom Flower Milk Cleanser, a creamy wash made using rose damascena, Roman chamomile, lactose milk and hibiscus extract (which boasts antioxidant properties). Soothing and gentle, the cleanser actually feels more like a watery lotion, particularly since it doesn’t foam or lather. Generally speaking, I don’t favor milky cleansers — there are a few exceptions to the rule, but I do tend to like my face washes to foam up nicely (and I’m lactose intolerant so milky things tend to disgust me a tad bit!). Despite its fanciful scent and tender feel, I found that, once I washed it off, my skin didn’t feel particularly clean (it literally felt like I had dabbed on some lotion and rinsed). But, once I applied the Balance Aromatic Antioxidant Toner (a mix of antioxidant-heavy orange, lemon, bilberry and cranberry extracts and sweet sugar cane and maple extracts), any remaining residue or pore-clogging nastiness was wiped clean — plus, my skin felt refreshed and recharged (the toner is probably my second favorite product in the line). To finish off the routine, add a touch of the Affirm Multi-Vitamin Age Defying Serum or the Glow Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum (designed for oily skin and dry skin, respectively) and top off with a hint of the Infuse Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer, a deeply hydrating but pleasantly lightweight lotion. The Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum worked wonders for me, as did the moiturizer (I almost had a conniption when the samples ran out, which is always a sign that I’ve become a convert!)

Once you follow these steps, you’ll notice your visage will feel more supple and replenished, your skin tone will appear more even (blotches, dry patches and redness are dramatically reduced), and you’ll have this pleasant glow about you.

Like being an environmentalist, Pure & True involves changing more than the products in your bathroom cabinet — it’s about rethinking your lifestyle. And it’s about time we all do that, don’t you think?

Pure & True Blossom Flower Milk Cleanser, $32; Balance Aromatic Antioxidant Toner, $32; Affirm Multi-Vitamin Age-Defying Serum, $85; Infuse Nourishing Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer, $62. Visit PureAndTrue.com

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