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Jules Kim, the oh-so-dope designer behind Bijules NYC never plays it safe (one of the reasons why she always manages to keep my attention which, admittedly, can be rather limited… hey, I'm part of the ADD generation!). The jewelry guru will be unveiling her brand new "Rock Collection" from Feb. 20-22 at the Altman Building in NYC (located at 135 West 18th Street).

Now, Jules isn't one to operate within any constraints in terms of her designs, which manage to walk the line between dangerously sexy and artfully eccentric. She'll make some tough chick necklaces featuring handcuffs and grenade launches, then craft some sinfully seductive serpentine rings (including an innovative and fascinating ring meant to fit over the nails with snakes circling between the wearer's fingers), then baffle audiences with a slightly creepy but intriguing collection of necklaces and earrings crafted using human hair (sort of in the vein of Chris March's final hair-trimmed collection on Season 4 of Project Runway). Whether you've dug a collection or not, there's no denying that she's a risk taker. Heck, she makes Patricia Field look tame!

Pictured above is one of the pieces from the new Rock Collection. What on Earth is it? Well, check this out — the piece is called the Bijules Gelfin Ear Tip, and it's meant to be worn over the ear so as to give you pointy, elf-like (or maybe fairy-like) ears like those of a Tolkien character. Made of brass, the Gelfin Ear Tip is available in silver vermeil, black gold vermeil, and brass (without vermeil). Each ear tip comes with three penny weights of gold fairy dust. Now, admittedly, this design is a little out-there, and I'm not quite sure I could pull these off, but I am pretty fascinated by the concept —and look forward to seeing how various stylistas make these look cool. I can almost see someone with a cool pixie haircut and some interesting dreamy gear wearing these in downtown NYC.

And hey, at the very least, they're perfect for those who want to sport Vulcan ears to the May release of the new Star Trek movie, featuring Heroes' Zachary Quinto (Sylar) as Spock (yes, I'm kidding!)

Bijules Rock Collection Gelfin Ear Tip, $260 for Brass With No Vermeil, $280 for Silver Vermeil and $280 for Black Gold Vermeil. Visit BijulesNYC.com

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