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Ring Leader: David Tishbi




These are what I call rings of fire!
Jeweler David Tishbi specializes in two-tone pieces for men and women (earrings, necklaces, rings, cuff links, wedding bands, bracelets and pendants) that integrate sterling silver and yellow gold, creating a contrast between these precious metals in the most unexpected and refreshingly surprising ways. Each piece is handcrafted by Tishbi's team of artisans in Israel.

Pictured above are some of my favorite pieces (for some reason I'm particularly smitten with the ring assortment available). But, before I gush about these, I must tell you ladies that the offerings are abundant, so if these aren't exactly your flavor, make sure to check out the other goodies. Also, the price range is rather expansive: you can buy a well-crafted, intriguing ring for about $100 or invest in a luxurious $800 piece. 

Okay, now back to my gushing. The first ring is made of sterling silver and features a green quartz stone in a round, dome-like shape encircled by a simple gold crown (because that quartz needs its very own tiara, right?!). It's the kind of hefty ring that can take an outfit from drab to fab, but there's nothing dainty or precious about it (beyond the metals and gems, of course!). Seriously, I'd marry this ring (or at least get married with it!). Second, we have a simpler, square sterling silver ring with a labradorite stone. What fascinates me about this piece are the deep etchings within the sterling silver, which create the illusion of the squares overlapping one another in an escalating manner — it's a very clever geometric design, plus it has a bit of a mysterious air about it. And last, but definitely not least, there's a gold ruby ring, which features a cluster if eight ruby stones floating about the right hand edge of the ring's golden top, which is carried by a sterling silver band. The faint diagonal, criss-crossing etchings along the gold also give the ring more personality and history, pointing to its origins as an artisan work.

Well, now that I've finished my ode to David Tishbi's rings, perhaps you'll motivate to check them out for yourself!

David Tishbi Jewelry: Green Quartz Ring, $359; Labradorite Silver Ring, $119; Ruby Gold Ring, $689. Visit DavidTishbi.com

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