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Spring Fling!: Essie’s Newest Collection


I’m sick of winter already — once the temperature stops being agreeable, and I have to resort to a cumbersome puffy jacket instead of one of my cute coats, I’m over it! These days, I’m looking forward to spring with particular anticipation, and these nail polish colors from Essie’s 2009 Spring collection are enough to bring a smile to my face.

The collection is a mixed bouquet consisting of the following shades : Eternal Optimist a delicate, rosy beige;  Mesmerize, a playful cerulean blue, One of A Kind, a coral red (Essie describes it as a poppy red, but it’s a bit more orange-y than that); Status Symbol, a hot pink that would make Paris Hilton swoon; Flawless, a muted pink like the ones you’d find on a fresh carnation; and Lacquered Up, a hot sauce-esque red.

Pictured above are my four favorite hues: One of A Kind, Flawless, Mesmerize and Status Symbol. I’m particularly infatuated with the Mesmerize hue right now, but I suspect the Status Symbol color will become my next fixation.

Don’t they just make you dream of blooming flowers and warmer days? The countdown to spring begins!

Essie’s Spring 2009 Color Collection will be available in February. Visit Essie.com

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