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Maybe you're the type who wants to age gracefully, who thinks wrinkles are beautiful signs of the wisdom earned throughout one's time on this planet. And if you truly believe that, then congratulations — you've risen above our society's youth-obsessed beauty norms and our near-pathological loathing of the aging process. Yes, if you can't wait until those crow's feet appear and those laugh lines deepen, congratulations: you're officially a better woman than I am.

See, most women can respect and appreciate the visible signs of aging — as long as they're appreciating them on other people. When they themselves start seeing those gray hairs sprouting and that skin start to sag, all of that pontificating about aging gracefully goes out the window. Me? I'm going to follow in my stepmother's footsteps and fight old age kicking and screaming (okay, maybe not screaming…). And by the way, my stepmom is in her 60s and looks better than a lot of 40-year-olds, so clearly her attitude has delivered results. I'm not fond of the idea of plastic surgery (not because of some sweeping ethical belief— I'm just scared of going under any knife), but I won't rule that out either 'cause the day gravity starts playing tricks on me, I'm calling my very own Dr. Christian Troy (hopefully, he'll be as sexy but that's a different story…).

In the meantime, I'm all about the preventative work and the cosmetic, non-surgical age-defying alternatives. And it's with that mindset that I tried Origins' new Youthopia Age-Correcting Serum. The product is Amazing like Grace (get it?) and your skin will feel more taut and firm in a matter of instants (seriously, you can feel your skin tightening as the serum dries on your face — and without that scary I-can't-move-my-face effect you get from Botox!). Within a month, I saw a marked reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

The serum contains plant peptides and vitamin C to accelerate the skin’s collagen
production, buckbean extract to firm and lift, and sunflower and barley to moisturize. But the magic ingredient is Rhodiola rosea, a flowering herb found in Siberia which, according to ancient Chinese mythology, protects the skin from environmental hazards and ensures a longer and healthier life. Hey, if this flower can survive harsh winters in the Siberian mountains, maybe there is something pretty magical about it.

Origins Youthtopia Age-Defying Serum with Rhodiola,$48.50. Visit Origins.com

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