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Bing Bang Made a Big Bang at Bensoni

Blue Purple Gold Oversize Lure Necklace 2

Blue Brass Mixed Chain Cuff 2

You might remember seeing some piece similar to these as part of our Valentine's Day coverage — that's because, for Bensoni's runway show on Feb. 13th at New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week FW09, Anna Sheffield custom designed a more dramatic, aggrandized version of the items in her Anna Sheffield for Bing Bang Spring/Summer 2009 collection. 

While she used the same blue, gold and purple colored metallics and the same pyramid, spiked heart and triangular shapes as in her Spring/Summer collection, Anna Sheffield's pieces for Bensoni turn the heat up, kick the drama into high gear, and blast the rock music. I'm particularly fond of the multicolored bib necklace pictured at top, which has the dynamic, trance-inducing look of a mirrored disco bill spinning among colored, flashing lights.

It's the perfect jewelry to accompany Bensoni's Fall/Winter 2009 collection, which was inspired by a story of a stylish Parisian girl having an affair with a Japanese DJ/graffiti artist.

The small but larger-than-life collection is available for a limited time on AnnaSheffield.com

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