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Eternal: Sunshine for the Stylish Mind




Ladies, it's time to stand up for our right to some funky, off-the-wall creative, affordable streetwear. If you've got a keen eye for fashion, chances are you're not particularly moved by the poorly made, ghetto fab apparel brands like Pepe Jeans, COOGI, Pelle Pelle and Apple Bottoms have been rolling into stores for years. Frankly, I still marvel at the audacity of these brands to charge so much for some abonimable, tacky, fugly isht! 

Sure, we've got brands like Hellz Bellz (shout out to my girl Laine), Married to the Mob and Made Me Clothing holding it down, but there aren't many options for women who want to pay non-Diesel prices for their fly lady gear.

Well, thankfully, premium lifestyle streetwear brand Eternal is entering the arena and leveling the playing field (not to mention beautifying it!). The line consists of graphic-driven hoodies and tees for both men and women — and, this time around, the ladies aren't getting the shaft. As you know, most times the fellas get the buttery goods and we're left with the scraps (can you say L-R-G versus Luxirie? hmmm..), but Eternal's women's offerings are syrupy sweet (as in they're dope).

Check out these pieces from Eternal's Spring 2009 collection — from the airbrush-art, Miami Vice-esque feel of the art and lettering on the "Rose" hoodie to the intricate illustration on the "Peacock" tee (pictured at center) and the metaphorical nature of the design on the "Grow" tee (pictured at bottom), Eternal represents a new day in streetwear and a shift in how we conceive of that very term.

Time to go hard, ladies!

Eternal "Rose" hoodie, $72.99; Eternal "Peacock" tee, $29.99; Eternal "Grow" tee, $29.99. All available at SolisCompany.com

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