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Even Better Than The First Time: DC Shoes x Lemar and Dauley Admirals



You don't need to be a maritime officer to make a splash in these Admirals.

For its second collaboration with DC Shoes, New-York based brand Lemar and Dauley opted to reinvent DC's streamlined Admiral style. The silhouette seemed perfect for their oceanic design inspiration: regatta competitions. While I was growing up in PR, I had the chance to watch my dad compete in many of these races, and I can attest to how enthralling it is watching a team of men aboard a boat turning the winch at breakneck speed, trimming the jib and manipulating the wind so they can zip across the ocean at top speed. Winning a regatta (or coming in in at a respectable spot!) requires technique and grace, and this sneaker definitely boasts the superb manufacturing details that come from expertise and the charm an elegance associated with grace.

The Lemar and Dauley Admiral's colorways themselves are meant to represent or "reflect" (if we stick to water terms) the wearer's environments — the black represents the streets of the city, while the beige represents beach sand. The vivid colors on the side panels (and on the shoe's inner lining), meanwhile, are meant to capture the color and shapes commonly found in the Spinnaker sails unleashed during these intense regattas. The "Lemar and Dauley" lettering along the heel, meanwhile, mimics how sailboats' names are painted along their prows. Adding a distinctly urban twist and visibly branding their work, Lemar and Dauley added its signature houndstooth print along the sneaker's tongue.

The shoe just dropped yesterday and it retails for $150. Visit DCShoes.com/LemarAndDauley2

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