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Secret Garden: Clinique Fresh Bloom Eye Shadow






It took me a second to sweep my eyeshadow brushes onto these Clinique Fresh Bloom compacts — the pressed, two-toned floral designs are so beautiful that it’s hard to fathom messing it up (it’s kind of like that stinging tinge of guilt you feel when you dig your fork into a particularly handsome dessert). But, since you’re not likely to hang these up as miniature works of art, you eventually just go for the kill. And the results are well worth it.

These limited edition eye shadows come in four two-toned hues: Apple Blossom, which includes a pale moss green and a sightly darker olive green; Tiger Lily, a pale bronze paired with a darker rusty hue; Maple Blossom, a silver-y gray paired with a deeper brown-gray hue; and Cherry Blossom, a daint carnation pink and a darker, French rose.

When applied, the colors are much paler than they appear in the compact, giving you a fresh, dewy look (the shades also have a bit of shimmer, which accentuates that fresh, clean look). You can, of course, apply as many coats as necessary for a more intense look, but the focus with this collection is a natural, gentle, subtle look.

With just a hint of color, your natural beauty will bloom and dazzle like the most precious of flowers.


Clinique Fresh Bloom Eye Shadows in Orange Blossom, Tiger Lily, Cherry Blossom and Apple Blossom, $16.50 each. Visit Clinique.com

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