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Legs Make a Deal!


Fashion lovers, sorry to burst your lil' bubbles but Naomi Campbell does not, in fact, have the longest legs on record. As a matter of fact, the title of Woman with the Longest Legs goes to Svetlana Pankratova, whose stems measure 4 feet and 4 inches (which is only 8 inches less than me entire body, I might add).

So what does any of this have to do with Kiehl's, you ask? Well, as part of a promotional campaign celebrating the re-release of its "Close Shaverettes" Simply Mahvelous Legs Shave Cream, Kiehl's is encouraging customers to go online or walk into a Kiehl's store and guess for how long it takes Ms. Pankratova to shave her seemingly never-ending legs — down to the second. The customer who comes closest to the answer will win a year's supply of "Close Shaverettes" Simply Mahvelous Shave Cream. There will be one winner for each free-standing Kiehl's store and one winner for Kiehls.com.

Oh, and this isn't like The Price Is Right: if you go above the recorded time but you're still the person closest to that figure, you still win (this is about getting the exact answer or being closest to it, not about some dumb rule that if you go over, you automatically lose!).

I would share my guess with y'all, but I really have no clue. Do we factor in whether Ms. Pankratova dilly dallies as she shaves? Or what razor she's using? See, I'm overthinking it already!

But hey, if you're better than I am at dealing with mathematical matters think, put your bid in now! Entries are being collected now through March 15th at Kiehls.com and at Kiehls stores. To enter your guess, visit Kiehls.com

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