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Pleasure Principle: Jimmyjane Little Gold Limited

071218 LS-Gold-BeMine

No, this isn't a cigar holder — well, that is, unless you plan on using a cigar in the same manner as Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky during their infamous romps. Nope, ladies, this is Jimmyjane's Little Gold Limited 24k gold vibrator, adorned with an illustrated, tattoo-like heart etching.The heart design,in turn, is wrapped in a scroll bearing the phrase of your choice: whether it's "Mine," "Trouble" or "Sugar."

Measuring 5.25" in length and 0.67" in diameter, this luxury vibrator is designed to fit easily between two bodies (draw your own diagram, people!), and it includes a replaceable and long-lasting motor system (so no need to freak if technical problems arise). Only 1,000 numbered platinum and gold pieces are available.

This limited edition vibrator speaks to Jimmyjane's mission to alter the way people think about sex and sexual accessories — through the quality and aesthetic value of its products, the company is facilitating a more honest discourse about sexual proclivities that doesn't ever seem seedy or crass.

These 24k gold vibrators are the perfect treat for single ladies on Valentine's Day — after all, just 'cause you haven't found "the one" doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to the big "O". It's also an unexpected treat for women in mature sexual relationships (don't be intimidated, fellas! This will spice up your sex life, not obliterate it). Trust me, when you get some nookie on V-Day, you'll be thankful you invested in this!

Jimmyjane Little Gold Limited, $375. Visit Jimmyjane.com

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