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Ride VIP Style with Vipp’s Yellow Cab Collection

Vipp Yellow Cab bathroom

Toot toot, beep beep.

For its 2009 Limited Edition collection, Vipp has drawn inspiration from one of the most common sights in New York City: the yellow cab. Yes, in this crazy city, there are over 13,000 yellow cabs zooming through the streets (occasionally running over people's feet, running red lights, scaring crossing pedestrians and other such nonsense, but that's another subject altogether).

The black and silver details on the Vipp Yellow Cab Collection only add a more authentic, taxi-like fee to each piece. The collection includes soap dispensers, toilet brushes and pedal pins in this new, bright yellow hue.

If you're going for a fun modern look in your bathroom, I'd suggest a black-and-white shower curtain (maybe in a checkered print), and some graffiti-inspired artwork hanging from the walls. All you'd need to complete the NYC experience would be a running meter and an overzealous horn.

Vipp soap dispenser, $119; Vipp toilet brush, $199; Vipp pedal pins, $249-$469. Visit vipp.com to find a dealer near you

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