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The Pentagon Comes To Your Dining Room


I've got my dream home fully decorated — some of the highlights include a fainting couch, a retro vanity table with a boudoir stool, and a whimsical, modern chandelier. Unfortunately for me, all this decorating is happening solely in my head (where my dream home resides). But hey, thinking and fantasizing are free, right? They haven't taxed that yet, right? Well, since they haven't, I'm adding Spectrum West's new Pentagonal Dining Table Set, pictured above, to my ideal nest.

The set includes five pentagonal stools (don't ask me why only four are pictured!), each measuring 13" in width, 13" in depth and 17" in height and featuring a thin but comfy high-density cushion. The table, meanwhile, features a base measuring 20" in width, 20" in depth and 30" in height and a 12mm-thick glass top measuring 51" in width and 66" in depth.

As the name implies, the entire set makes use of pentagonal shapes — the stool tops/cushions feature a more traditional take on the shape, while the glass top plays with proportions a bit to create a less symmetrical form. The colored acrylic used in crafting the stool and table bases add a modern, edgy twist to the geometric design.

Yes, this table is going in my dream home. I may just paint the walls a nice mauve-ish or light blue color to go with it…. Must continue planning this out. Time to return to my daydreaming!

Spectrum West Pentagonal Dining Table Set, $13,000. Visit SpectrumWest.net

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