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Friendly Fires: Links of London Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelets

Maybe it's the nostalgia factor hitting home, but there's something about these Links of London Friendship Bracelets that make me smile. Inspired by the threaded and safety pin bracelets so many of us handmade as children and bestowed upon those we deemed our BFFs, these Links of London pieces are meant to be shared as gifts, small tokens of affection and appreciation.

The sterling silver bracelets feature hand-woven thread in bright hues like turquoise (the newest addition), orange, purple, lime green, navy, gold and black. And sure, these are definitely neater and more precise than the friendship bracelets we made as school children (I know my threaded works were always a bit bumpy, especially since I tended to forget where I'd left off and mess up whatever pattern I was trying to create!), but the sentiment remains the same.

Some of the colors are a nod to the tribal, Native American themes prevalent in so many clothes and accessories this Spring (the orange, green and turquoise hues are particularly great for complementing those Pocahontas-esque, beaded and embellished heels and handbags).

Whether you want to treat yourself (hey, you have to be your own best friend, right?) or one of your closest pals, these will definitely infuse your mood with some childlike enthusiasm.

Links of London Friendship Bracelet, $195. Available at Bloomingdale's, Links of London boutiques and LinksofLondon.com

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