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More Bounce By The Ounce: Ojon Tunu Elastik Collection


Admittedly, though I’ve only had positive experiences with Ojon’s products, when I first tried the new Ojon Tunu Elastik Hair Smoothing Cleanser and Conditioner, I was a bit skeptical. The cleanser’s consistency is definitely unusual (very thin and watery), and you have to apply generously if you want to cover your entire mane. The conditioner, meanwhile, feels like a lightweight lotion rather than your typical creamy, whipped product. Your hair won’t feel like it’s coated with a thick cream — but don’t take this as a negative indication of what’s to come. Similarly, when you first step out of the shower, your hair may feel tangled and you might even consider applying a detangler or leave-in conditioner, but I’m telling you: don’t do it. Ojon’s Tunu Elastik products may deviate from the norm in terms of consistency or texture, but that’s what makes them superior. Simply pat your hair with your towel and allow your mane to air dry before judging the products — after all, what we’re seeking are results, and we need to be patient to properly make an assessment about these products.

Patience will prove to be a huge virtue — as your hair begins to dry, you’ll notice it feels bouncier and looks fuller. Any tangles or scraggly-feeling hairs almost magically disappear as your mane takes form. Those ladies with natural curls will watch in awe as those ringlets and waves pop out, looking healthier and more luscious. Those with straight hair, meanwhile, will detect a smoother look and feel.

As a curly haired gal, I can’t get enough of this dynamic duo — I’ve tried many a shampoo and conditioner catering to curly hair and even those products  haven’t managed to infuse my hair with this much body.

So what exactly allows these products to be so effective? Well, the Tunu collection is enhanced with Swa oil, which contains nine healing amino acids and Omega fatty acids, Crambe Seed Oil, and wildcrafted Tunu Rubber Extract. The miracle ingredient here is the Tunu extract, which is obtained from the bark of Tunu rubber trees in the Mosquitia rainforest. The Tunu Rubber Extract provides a moisture barrier for the hair, protecting it from environmental hazards and sealing in the hydrating nutrients delivered by the formula’s other active ingredients (such as the Swa oil and the patented Ojon oil). Those with dry or damaged hair will benefit most from this incredible collection.

Wanna get your bounce on? Discover the magic of Tunu.

Ojon Tunu Elastik Hair Smoothing Cleanser, $25; Ojon Tunu Elastik Hair Smoothing Conditioner, $27. Visit Sephora.com

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