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Tarte’s “The Toolbox” Eyebrow Kit — Now Only $18

The Toolbox MED

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the valance curtains adorning those windows — if the curtains are hideous, you're not even going to bother standing too close to those window panes! It might seem like a bizarre analogy but the point is this: nicely groomed and shaped brows can work wonders for a face, making your eyes pop and transforming your entire face. Think about it: if Betty Suarez got those Groucho Marx eyebrows plucked, she'd look ten times better (we'd still need to do something about her mismatched patterns, tangled and messy hair, and hefty braces but that's a whole other story…).

But here's the thing: plucking your own brows and achieving the desired shape is often quite difficult, which is part of the reason why so many women flock to spas and salons to get them waxed or threaded by a professional. If you're not precise, you can unintentionally wind up with a hairless gap along the arch or you might be a bit overzealous with the tweezing end wind up with eerily thin brows. But going to a brow specialist is quite an investment; even if you go to a cheap spot, the cost still adds up over time — and, the better the spot, the costlier the proposition.

So what's a recession-friendly solution to the problem? How can you save all the money spent on waxing or threading those brows and take a do-it-yourself approach, while still ensuring your brows look brilliant? Well, I suggest starting out with Tarte's The Toolbox: Brow Know-How eyebrow kit, which comes with a brow gel, brow pencil, brow wax, brow powder, tweezers, brow brush and three brow stencils. I've been using this for a little while, and I really love it!

My favorite component is the stencils: with the help of these, achieving the desired brow shape is a breeze. Whether you want to experiment with fuller brows (a big trend for Spring) or you're opting for an emphatic, thinner arch, these stencils will function as your area map. After you're done tweezing, you can smooth some brow wax over the hairs and proceed to fill in any cracks using the brow powder that matches your hair tone (the set comes in thee shades: light, for blonde to light brown hair; medium: for medium brown to red hair; and dark, for dark brown to black hair), then smooth on some brow gel to keep the hairs in place and add the right amount of shine.

Originally retailing for $32, Tarte's The Toolbox is now available for only $18 — how's that for a beauty bailout? Gotta love it!

Tarte Cosmetics' The Toolbox, $18. Visit TarteCosmetics.com

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