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Hope Floats: Wei East’s WE Help Bring Hope Collection


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Know about those times when your money gets so funny that it actually becomes tragic? That basically sums up most people's financial outlook these days (which, by the way, is filled with way more subtractions than sums). Acknowledging the tough economic times, skincare brand Wei East is offering its WE Help Bring Hope Collection for less than a third of its retail prize. Originally valued at $300, the set is now available for $70. And, if this great value isn't enough of a reason for you to pounce, then consider this: 100% of the proceeds benefit Autism Speaks and the Autism Treatment Center of America.

The cause is particularly dear to Wei Brian, the skincare line's founder, as her son was diagnosed with autism four years ago, at the age of 6 1/2. In fact, the drawing on the box set was inspired by her son's condition. She recalls how, just a few years ago, her son was unable to communicate with the family and would simply swing back and forth, seemingly locked into his own impenetrable world. But Wei had hope that her son would one day be able to express himself and interact with his family — and now, many of her prayers have been answered, as her son's condition has steadily improved. The sunshine beaming down on the family pictured on the WE Bring Hope box represents Wei's faith, her undying hope.

Even now, as we live in insecure financial times and search high and low for a sense of purpose, we need to look beyond our individual struggles because what will help us, in the end, is the ability to collaborate and to build together as people. So why not start by thinking of others in even more dire straits and help to add a little sunshine to their lives?

The WE Help Bring Hope Collection includes eight magnificent products: the China Herbal Foaming Cleanser, a gel-like face wash that gently cleans and purifies; the China Herbal Youth Recaptured Serum, a moisturizing elixir that contains bamboo leaf extract, jujube extract, apricot flower extract, green tea, and other healing herbs; the China Herbal Eyes Alive Cream, a lightweight eye cream that eradicates the presence of dark circles around the eyes; the China Clay Herbal Purifying Masque, which replenishes and exfoliates the skin;  the China Herbal Ultimate Renewal, a silky soft moisturizer containing ginseng root, gingko bilboa extract, ginger root extract, Tibetan safflower extract, and more; the White Lotus Defining Moment Correcting and Finishing Serum, a soothing and moisturizing treat for your skin; the China Herbal Hand & Body Perfection, which will leave your hands feeling softer than a warm tub of butter; and the Tinted Lip Smoother in Pomegranate, a lip moisturizer with a light reddish tint.

With this set, all your basic skincare needs will be dutifully met, so you'll look radiant — and, through your generous and charitable investment, your outlook on life will brighten, too.

Wei East WE Help Bring Hope Collection, $70. Available at WeiEast.com

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