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Bead It: Kelly Frimel Wearable Art



St. Louis-based jewelry designer Kelly Frimel knows how to endow beaded pieces with a free-spirited bohemian flair while also using geometric shapes that speak to a modern, more sculptural sensibility. Since she started experimenting with beadwork five years ago, Frimel has become and expert at the technique, taking existing beads and shaded, faceting or lining them with other hues, making them unlike any beaded pieces you'd find at mass retailers.

To get more acquainted with her work, just check out the two pieces pictured above.  The first is a silver chain necklace featuring an oversize sphere made using tiny faceted beads in various shades of blue (the contrasting blue hues add a sense of depth and dimension, as well as an interesting, eye-catching shimmer). The second item pictured here is a pair of rectangular beaded yellow earrings with small silver circles at the top and a yellow, citrine-esque stones dangling daintily from the metal hoops' centers.

Both pieces were hand-crafted in Frimel's studio.

Kelly Frimel Dark Blue Bead Necklace, $145; Available upon request at KellyFrimel.com. Beaded Rectangular Earrings, $115; Available at Delovely.com in Prescott, Arizona.

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