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Celebrate Earth Day With Some Eco-Friendly Goodies!

Living green ain't all that hard. Just check out these eco-friendly fragrances, cosmetics, handbags, and apparel for some inspiration!
Demeter Fragrance Vintage Naturals, $68 each. Available exclusively at Sephora stores and at DemeterFragrance.com

The driving concept behind Demeter Fragrance Library's new Vintage Naturals line is sheer genius. These fragrances are made using 100% natural oils, distilled water and naturally fermented alcohol, and they're packaged in cartons made of recycled materials, but that's just the preliminary facts. What makes this release so interesting is that it takes into account the fact that, when natural ingredients are involved in the fragrance-making process, one has to account for how much the quality, color and scent of various ingredients can change from year to year.

So, rather than simply produce an all-natural lavender scent and have customers be disappointed over how much the fragrance varies from year to year, Demeter decided to run with a revolutionary concept: they would mark each fragrance release with a year (as you would with a wine), produce a limited quality (25,000 bottles max) and then shelve the fragrance until the following "Vintage" year. Its first release, the Vintage Naturals 2009 collection, consists of the following scents: Rosebush, Patchouli, Geranium, Mimosa and Lavender.


Tarte Cosmetics "Be Good To Your Mother (Earth)" 24/7 Natural Lip Sheers and Reusable Natural Cotton Tote Set, $35. Visit TarteCosmetics.com

Reducing waste, recycling materials, and reusing good, are three important and basic steps in our quest to save our planet's environment. This Tarte Cosmetics gift set employs the "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" paradigm. The natural cotton tote bearing the words "Be Good To Your Mother (Earth)" is meant to be reused: all you have to do is take it to the supermarket or the drugstore and tuck your purchases in there rather than in plastic bags to reduce waste. The 24/7 lip sheers with SPF15, meanwhile, are packaged in recycled aluminum. The lip sheers come in coral (the tube marked reduce), pink (marked reuse) and nude (marked recycle).

E18217_RM_SL_COVER_UPE17176_RM_SL_TEE E18221_RM_SL_WIinde_Pant


G04618_RM SL Sandal_pairs_high res

Adidas Rainbeau Mars Signature Collection Yoga Top, Yoga Pants and With Skirt, and Wrap Top, prices range from $60-$90; Adidas Rainbeau Mars Signature Collection Yatra Sandal, $70. Available at select Adidas Sport Performance stores across the U.S.

Designed in collaboration with famed yoga instructor Rainbeau Mars (how cool is that name, by the way?), Adidas' new line of yoga apparel and footwear is made almost entirely from sustainable products (with the exception of the small amount of Elastane used in the garments to ensure the right amont of stretch). Tencel fabric, a renewable material made from eucalyptus wood, is the primary fiber employed when manufacturing the garments. All the trims, meanwhile, are constructed using recyclable materials and any graphics employ water-based inks.The Yatra Sandals pictured here, meanwhile, are constructed out of natural canvas and recycled rubber, with an insole made from recycled wood pulp.

Earth Day Kit Image005

Josie Maran Earth Day Essentials Kit, $48. Visit Sephora.com

This special kit contains some of Josie Maran's best-selling goodies: from a deluxe sample of the Organic Argan Oil (one of my absolute favorites for moisturizing dry skin) to her Lip Plumping Gloss in Daring (a rosy nude hue), a Cream Blush in Sunrise (soft pink), a Mascara in Black, and an Eyeliner in Black. A leader in the realm of eco-friendly cosmetics, Josie Maran uses only paraben-free, fragrance-free, all-natural ingredients. The kit's box  itself is made from recycled materials and features some of Josie's "green living tips."


Artecnica Recycled Beak Vases, $36 each. Visit Elsewares.com

These funky flower vases, with their deftly curved spouts, were constructed from recycled wine bottles and given a lustrous satin finish.



Julio Pagliani "Full Moon Eclipse" necklace, $369. Visit ElegantRoots.com

Hopewell, New Jersey-based artist Julio Pagliani masterminded this magnificent necklace featuring hand-polished onyx and turquoise beads. Featuring a sterling silver clasp made by well-known artist Xio in Guadalajara, Mexico, and beadwork by artisans in Noragachi, Mexico, this 18-inch necklace is meant to mimic the shape and colors visible during a lunar eclipse. How is it green, you ask? Well, the beads are all hand-woven and every piece is crafted by hand, so that there are no envrionmentally hazardous, mass production methods and, of course, the materials are fairly traded.

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