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Feel Like A Natural Woman With Safiya Beauty



About a week ago, I received a nice little package of Safiya Beauty products — and, of course, I was beyond excited. I'm always happy to review products by "major" skincare and cosmetic brands, but I get really hype to try out products from new, lesser-known brands…. If the products are great, then you feel more emotionally attached to the brand. It's like the feeling you get when you discover an underground rapper (or singer), become a die-hard fan and watch as other people eventually catch on and your former "little secret" becomes a household name…

I'm happy to say that I'm now officially a Safiya Beauty fan. The Coconut Lime Luxuriously Rich Body Butter will leave your skin feeling velvety soft. Made primarily of organic green tea extract, shea butter, jojoba oil, mango oil, citric acid, rosemary, and evening primrose oil, this vegan cream has a rich, buttery-y consistency but, what's so fantastic, is that it doesn't feel heavy on your skin (you know how some body creams can make you feel like a basted turkey? not this one!), and your skin readily absorbs the cream so there's no sticky residue. The citrus notes predominate in terms of the cream's smell, but the underlying coconut gives it a nice balance.

Another fantastic product is the Oatmeal, Milk an Honey Soap, which is made using soothing honey (a potent mositurizer and natural antibiotic), and skin-softening goat's milk, as well as oat grains that exfoliate the skin. The soap features an embossed flower design along the top, which just adds yet another great personal touch. I love how the oat grains exfoliate in the gentlest of ways, making this a great product for all women, including those with extra sensitive skin.

Keep an eye out for Safiya Beauty, ladies. This may just be another Carol's Daughter-like story!

Safiya Beauty Coconut Lime Luxuriously Rich Body Butter, $5.95. Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Soap, $3.95. Visit SafiyaBeauty.Etsy.com

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