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Hand It To Zo Skin Health’s Oraser Anti-Aging Hand Care Kit


You may be the type to dig in and get your hands dirty, but we’re strictly speaking in metaphors here — you wouldn’t be caught dead with crud underneath those neatly polished nails! But having beautiful hands is about more than jazzy nail enamel hues or moisturized cuticles. Once the years start creeping up on you, you’ll probably notice sun spots tarnishing the skin around those lovely hands, veins starting to bulge like overstuffed bellies, and wrinkles creating deep creases around your knuckles. And what’s the use of all these anti-aging face creams if your hands will ultimately reveal your true age?

Well, fortunately, dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi is attempting to erase the signs of aging along your hands with Zo Skin Health’s Oraser Anti-Aging Hand Care Program. The regimen is comprised of three products: the Oraser Microder Hand Renewal, which polishes off dead skin with sugar crystals and salicylic acid, diminishes the appearance of fine lines with retinol, and moisturizes skin with shea and mango butter; the Oraser Daily Hand Repair SPF 20, which protects the skin from UV damage, locks in moisture, nourishes the skin with anti-oxidants and amino acids, and lightens existing spots with vitamin C and a patented brightening complex said to block the enzyme that triggers the synthesis of melanin; and the Oraser Overnight Hand Recovery, a super-charged treatment that packs retinol, vitamins C and E, coenzyme-10, shea butter and avocado oil to moisturize through the night, restore elasticity to sagging skin, and brighten your overall skin tone.

So what’s the verdict on the results? Well, after trying the three-part program for a two-week period, you will probably notice a slight improvement in the amount of discoloration along your hands, as well as smoother skin (the Microderm Hand Renewal product is particularly efficient). That being said, I will forewarn that, if you suffer from seriously dry hands, you’ll need a stronger hand moisturizer than the Oraser Daily Hand Repair SPF 20.

Still, you’ll appreciate the hands-on approach to battling age-revealing hands.

ZO Skin Health Oraser Anti-Aging Hand Care Program, $90. Available at select Nordstrom stores, the STUDIO at Fred Segal and at Nordstrom.com and ZoSkinHealth.com

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