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Toy Drop Alert! Kronk’s Tree Huggr Dunny Hits Kidrobot




I got myself a new Tenderoni, and his name is Tree Huggr Dunny. Yes, ladies, look at how fresh-to-death my new crush is! And sweet — he even brings me ice cream! Alright, I'm kidding, but in all seriousness this new 8-inch dunny figure, designed by South African illustrator Kronk is pretty darned fly.

I love how the design incorporates elements from folk art (notice the vivid red and black hues… his facial features and the spirit of the artwork there makes me think of the Vejigante masks you spot in Puerto Rico), comic book illustrations (just peep that tongue sticking out or those little fang-like teeth), whimsical '70s-esque art (from the daisy sitting on his forehead to the ice cream cone, and the bird motifs along the tips of his ears  — which, by the way, make me think of Twitter!), mural art, and graffiti (check the dripping paint in some places and even the "Tree Huggr" lettering along the back of his head).

The figure just went on sale at midnight and only $75 pieces were produces, so make sure and go get your own lil' man.

Kronk Tree Huggr Dunny,  $75. Visit KidRobot.com

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