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Unearth Some Earth Day-Ready Finds

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Today, as you make an effort to minimize your carbon footprint, reduce the amount of waste you produce, and respect out natural resources, consider sprucing up your wardrobe and your bathroom cabinets to include some eco-friendly products that will keep you looking like a hot momma and help you tend to your own Mama (by which I mean planet Earth, of course!).

Carmina Campus by Ilaria Fendi3
Carmina Campus by Ilaria Venturini Fendi Clutches, $500 each. Visit Yoox.com

These gorgeous clutches, fashioned out of strips of aluminum that once comprised Venetian blinds, feature vintage fabric along the inside linings, leather detailing and long, chain-like shoulder straps.



Amala Detoxifying Body Cleanse, $44 for 200 ml; Hydrating Hand Cream, $30 for 50ml. Visit AmalaBeauty.com

Ever since I tried Amala’s Rejuvenating Face Cream and Rejuvenating Eye Cream for our “Battle of the Moisturizers” story, I’ve been hooked on this gentle, sophisticated, delicious holistic skincare line. Honestly, I have yet to try a product and be disappointed with the results. My latest Amala obsessions include: the Detoxifying Body Cleanse, which washes away impurities, smooths and softens skin, and awakens the senses thanks to a myrtle-centered formula; and the Hydrating Hand Cream, a lightweight moisturizer formulated using fruits and flowers from Southeast Asia, among them the jasmine flower.


Alex and Ani Mixed Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet Set, $158. Visit Shopbop.com

This set of seven expandable gold-plated recycled metal bracelets will jazz up any spring wardrobe. The funky set includes two beaded bracelets, one metal beaded bracelet, and one mixed bead bangle.



CC Skye “Down To Earth” Eco Totes, $250 each. Visit CCSkye.com

These roomy, hip biodegradable silk screen canvas totes send a great message — and they’re so modern and stylish, envious gals were certainly want to shoot the messenger. And when they do, just kill ’em with kindness, you down-to-earth chicas.

LC-73230 AllPurpEmry LC-73232 NaturalEmry

Sally Hansen La Cross Eco Board Nail Files, $0.99 each. Available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.

While most nail files contain a plastic core and layers of foam, these “eco boards”feature a core of pressed paper and several coats of naturally abrasive minerals, making them a greener alternative for manicure-loving ladies.




Cri de Coeur “Abigail” Thong Sandal, $180, and “Alexa” Open-Toe Boot, $295. Visit Nimli.com

You thought vegan footwear was all substance and no style? Well, get your head out of those hemp clouds and check out Cri de Coeur’s edgy designs, such as the Alexa open-toe canvas boot in desert sand with contrasting black details or the Abigail satin sandals.

Intense Moisture Mask Facial Scrub FINALReplenishing Night Oil 
Nude Skincare Intense Moisture Mask, $60; Facial Scrub, $52; an
d Replenishing Night Oil, $78. Visit

I admit: I tend to think of Nude Skincare products as the beauty equivalent of Apple goods. Don’t look so confused. I’ll explain further. The packaging is so sleek and beautiful, you can’t help but admire it (think of how we ogle at the iPhone’s modern design or the iBook’s streamlined silhouette). And, just like Steve Jobs never fails to amaze me with his brilliant technological advances, neither does Nude Skincare let me down with its own discoveries. Pictured above are some of the line’s greatest products. I highly recommend the Intense Moisture Mask, a creamy lotion-like treatment formulated with honey, fig, organic cupuacu and licorice, that nourishes and hydrates parched skin


Smashbox Mother Earth Palette, $45. Visit Sephora.com

Made from sustainable, recyclable wood, this slim compact houses four, fragrance-free, paraben-free, 100% organic eye shadows (a yellowish cream, olive brown, grayish blue and earthy purple) and a peachy blush hue. With each Mother Earth Palette purchases, Smashbox is arranging to have Trees for the Future plant one tree, so you’ll be involved in replenishing our environment.


Matt & Nat “Leda” Vertical Convertible Satchel, $275. Visit Nordstrom.com

This polyurethane satchel features two golden zippered vertical front pockets and vertical Trapunto stitching that creates the illusion of added length, making this appear like a bag of the tallest order.


K. Bell Organic Cotton Terry Cuff Socks and K.Bell Organic Cotton Bottom Stripes Socks, $4.99 each. Visit Pronto.com

These organic cotton socks feel snug on your feet, caressing your skin softly, while also providing adequate protection when you slip your feet into your favorite pair of shoes.

Spring Greening TEMP
Tarte Cosmetics Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette, $38.50. Visit TarteCosmetics.com

Six shimmering, pastel-like eyeshadow shades (copper peach, vibrant teal, golden bronze, soft pink, golden lime and lilac). Three coquettish lip glosses (bubblegum pink, nearly nude, brilliant peach). A bamboo eyeshadow brush. And that’s not all — these goodies all come inside a zip-up palette made of reusable straw in Tarte’s trademark purple hue and a natural beige hue.


OlsenHaus Balance Linen and Black Heels, $180. Visit MooShoes.com

These vegan sandals, fashioned out of organic linen, will heighten your style grade — just picture these with some jaunty cargo pants, tailored khakis, or a safari-style shirt dress.



Pure & True Organic Beauty “Glow” Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum. Visit PureandTrue.com

For brighter and younger-looking, try out Pure & True’s Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum, which contains rosehip oil, vitamins C and E, and hyaluronic acid to stimulate collagen production, fight hyperpigmentation, moisturize, soothe, and nourish.


Tela Beauty Organics “Composer” Hair Styling Product, $45. Available at Barneys.com

Developed by renowned hairdresser Philip Pelusi, Tela Beauty Organics speaks to Pelusi’s belief that great-looking hair starts with healthy hair. To that end, each of these products is designed to fortify hair follicles, reduce and prevent hair damage, moisturize the scalp, and more. Thanks to all-natural ingredients like apricot, carrot, Chinese orchid, kiwi, green tea, burdock root, tomato, tangerine, pomegranate, water celery and licorice, the Tela Beauty Organics Composer helps curly-haired ladies handle unwanted frizziness and add definition to their voluminous manes.



Riot Tuxedo “Streetware,”
$34, and “The Couple,” $34. Visit

Inspired by old-school punk rock album iconography and oozing a biker toughness and a graffiti artist-esque bravado, Riot Tuxedo’s eco-friendly graphic tees will appeal to the style freak, the art geek and the rebel in you. Get $10 off your purchase today by visiting RiotTuxedo.com/EarthDayRadness



Post-it Super Sticky Recycled Notes, $15.99 for 12-Pack. Visit OfficeMax.com

Those sticky notes you leave around the house reminding you of the many errands to run and bills to pay? Well, try reinventing the routine a tad bit by opting for Post-It Recycled Notes, which are made of recycled materials that contain a minimum of 30%  post-consumer content. See how you can jot your memory and be eco-friendly while doing so?


Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash in Orange & Frangipani, $19.50. Visit Ulta.com and AhavaUS.com

Ahava’s new Mineral Botanic body washes each incorporate two plants which, when combined, make for a unique and potent experience. The Orange & Frangipani wash moisturizes, smooths and purifies skin. The antioxidants and high levels of vitamin C found in oranges help to stimulate the skin’s collagen production, leading to increased elasticity, while the frangipani softens and soothes the skin.


Special Earth Day Sales:

  • Enjoy 25% off eco-friendly sleepwear at Spreegirl.com. Simply enter the code “earthday25” at checkout.
  • Get 20% off limited edition reusable totes at all Anya Hindmarch boutiques. Locations include:

           Las Vegas : The Shoppers at the Palazzo, Suite 2742. Call 702.566.8900

           Los Angeles: 118 South Robertson Boulevard. Call 310.271.9707

           New York City:  29 East 60th Street (at Madison Avenue). Call 212.750.3974

                                    115 Greene Street in Soho. 212.343.8147

          New Jersey: The Mall at Short Hills, 1200 Morris Turnpike. Call 973.379.7183

  • Erge is offering customers a 30% discount on featured eco styles. Visit ErgeRetail.com and enter ED2009 at checkout.

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