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Allow Me To Re-Introduce New Balance’s 966 Collection




Y’all already know how I feel about my kicks: they need to be comfortable, have some bangin’ colorways and the type of unique design details that will have everybody asking, “Where’d You Get Those”? (word to Bobbito Garcia). When it comes to performance and comfort, New Balance kicks have always met my admittedly high expectations. And, while NB has historically been a bit shier than some of its competitors when it comes to thinking outside the box with color schemes and design details, over the past few years, the brand has been steppin’ it up and stompin’ the yard. Case in point: their 966 collection, designed by New Balance Japan.

Though the collection was briefly introduced last year, it’s now being re-released in the US for Spring/Summer — and it’s bigger, better and brighter than ever. Each shoe incorporates patent leather, suede and leather materials (as well as a mesh fabric) and features special Pantone color swatches along the heel. The 966 is available in three colors: purple/pink (pictured at top), white/multi-color (second from top) and pink/red. All the colors remind me of candy bits (think Now and Laters, Skittles, Mike & Ikes, etc.).

I’m particularly smitten with the purple/pink 966 sneaker — it may just be my favorite New Balance release in recent history (well, along with the black/white NB 460). It’s like eye candy!

New Balance 966, $110. Available at PickYourShoes.com

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