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Do It Well With KohGenDo’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation

Moisture Foundation with swatches

Moisture foundation 01 swatch Moisture foundation 02 swatch Moisture foundation 03 swatch

Generally speaking, I shudder when I see or hear the word "foundation" in any sort of beauty context. See, I associate foundation with that messy, runny liquid that I once slathered all over my face on "special" occasions when I needed to cover up every single skin imperfection. If you're above the age of 20, then you're probably acquainted with the horrors that accompanied old-school liquid foundations — from it caking up, leaving you looking like a French mime or some sort of masked creature at a costume ball, to it cracking harder than Humpty Dumpty, to it clogging up pores and leading to massive, volcanic-sized breakouts. After a few such traumatizing experiences, I banished all liquid foundations from my vanity set — and they remained in exile for years.

So it was with a great deal of hesitation and trepidation that I finally tested KohGenDo's Maifanshi Moisture Foundation (pictured above), an extremely lightweight cream that covers pores without clogging them. When you try it on, you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how fine and gentle the foundation feels against the skin — it's comparable to a tinted moisturizer (except that this, of course, yields much greater coverage). Available in three colors (Light Ivory, Natural and Ochre), the foundation can be blended to create the perfect custom shade. Furthermore, it contains no artificial fragrances, alcohol or petroleum, making it a gentler alternative to traditional base makeup.

Wondering how it is that KohGenDo's foundation can provide such great coverage without clogging pores? Well here's the deal. First and foremost, the amount of silicone in the foundation is kept to a minimum (silicone covers pores and creates a smooth surface but does impede the pores from breathing, creating congestion that can lead to acne). Secondly, the mineral particles in the foundation are cut at an angle which allows it to deflect and reflect light in such a manner as to create the illusion of complete coverage (rather than actually sealing and blocking your pores). Finally, the jojoba, shea and olive oils in the formula soothe and nourish skin, so that the emphasis is on
both skin coverage and skincare.

Already a hit in Japan, where it's been sold for over 22 years, KohGenDo is now making its stateside debut, hitting prestigious retailers like the Nigel Beauty Emporium and Alcone, among others.

The one complaint: the shade range is very limited, particular for darker-skinned women. I'm hoping that as the line makes its foray into the US, it will expand the range of shades available so as to better suit the needs of women of color.

Here's to starting off a new life with a great new makeup finish.

KohGenDo Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, $60. Visit KohGenDoCosmetics.com

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