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Cover Up: La Mer’s The Treatment Powder Foundation SPF 15

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La Mer never ceases to amaze me. Generally speaking, when you apply powder foundation, it's because you want to cover or disguise any imperfections (whether it be redness, dry patches, breakouts, dark under-eye circles, or any other pesky flaw) and give off the semblance of flawless skin. But, of course, La Mer takes the powder foundation paradigm a step further by infusing its formula with brightening, skin-clarifying ingredients, bridging the gap between makeup and skincare.

Here's how it works: gemstones in the powder foundation capture and reflect light in such a manner as to yield a bewildering optical illusion, brightening the skin and camouflaging any existing flaws. The usage of microparticles to manipulate light is one of the most popular techniques being employed by forward-thinking beauty companies, as it allows the pores to breathe and hence fosters healthy skin while also delivering the desired coverage. La Mer's exclusive Radiant Ferment, meanwhile, nourishes and clears the skin while airspun seaborne particles create a translucent finish.

Having tried the powder foundation, I can tell you it's absolutely phenomenal. It's so very soft that it literally feels like you're caressing your skin with a feather and, if you touch your face after you've applied a thin layer, you'll be amazed at how tender and smooth your skin feels. The color, meanwhile, can be layered for fuller coverage or you can just apply an ultra thin coat but, whichever route you choose, it won't look like a caked-up mess.

The one complaint I have (as is often the case with most foundations) has to do with the limited shade options. Eight shades are available: Natural, Sand, Ivory, Buff, Porcelain, Linen, and Neutral, Creme. And, while the shades do speak to different women with different undertones, they clearly won't work for women who have darker skin than, say, Halle Berry.

But, if your skin color does fit within the range offered, I fully recommend that you treat yourself to the Treatment!

La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation SPF 15, $95. Available at SaksFifthAvenue.com, BergdorfGoodman.com, NeimanMarcus.com and LaMer.com

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