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Find Your Passion With M.A.C.’s A Rose Romance Collection

With a breathtaking collection of pinks, mauves, lavenders, violets, magentas and reds, M.A.C's "A Rose Romance" collection lends homage to the most venerated and oft-referenced bloom in the history of poetry, dance, music and film. Tulips, violets, daisies, irises, gardenias, carnations — they're all beautiful, but there's no flower that's as synonymous with romance, femininity, love, and passion as the rose. Just think about how many songs bear the word "rose" in their titles: from Sting's "Desert Rose" to Aretha Franklin's "A Rose Is Still A Rose", Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses", Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", Bette Midler's "Rose", Seal's "Kiss From A Rose", Monica's "A Dozen Roses", and so on… Our fascination with roses is undeniable — and, when you play with these inspired eye shadow hues and lip colors, you'll want to send M.A.C a dozen long-stemmed blooms in appreciation .

Here's a look at some of the stand-out offerings in the collection:


"Magnetique" Lipglass, $14. Visit MacCosmetics.com

If you've ever marveled over the vibrant cerise pinks often found in Bourbon roses, you'll appreciate this precocious, violet magenta hue.

Virgin Kiss Lipglass, $14. Visit MacCosmetics.com

The name says it all. This pale, shimmering pink adds just a touch of color (and sparkle) to the lips so that the resulting look is innocent and resplendent.


A Rose Romance Lipstick, $14. Visit MacCosmetics.com

This might just be the perfect shade of pink — "A Rose Romance" incorporates purple undertones without going so far into the family of cooler shades that it risks appearing too wintry. This shade is no bubblegum pink — it's elegant and classy but also demure and inviting.

Loving Touch See Thru Lip Color, $14. Visit MacCosmetics.com

If you're looking to add just a hint of pink to your pout, reach for this sheer light pink hue. But just remember: you'll have to keep reapplying if you're going for a more intense effect.


Et Tu Bouquet? Eye Shadow, $14.50. Visit MacCosmetics.com

Remember Kirsten Dunst's turn as Marie Antoinette and the gorgeous costumes she wore while presiding over her court in Versailles? Well, this shimmering pink gold shade is the type of color Marie Antoinette would have incorporated into her majestic wardrobe — and her elegant boudoir.

"Of Summer" Eye Shadow, $14.50. Visit MacCosmetics.com

This mauve-ish pink works wonderfully as a base color — particularly since the matte hue blends seamlessly with all the other colors in the collection.
Silverthorn Eye Shadow, $14.50. Visit MacCosmetics.com

This silvery gray color makes me think of the cover art for Tori Amos's Under the Pink album — there's a mystique to the hue, particularly when paired with a pale rose shade, that's both beguiling and slightly sinister.
Circa Plum Pigment, $19.50. Visit MacCosmetics.com

Lavender roses are said to be a symbol of love at first sight, of enchantment and the color purple itself is oftentimes associated with spirituality, creativity and royalty. Sweep some of the "Circa Plum" pigment over your lids or brush underneath your lower lash line to add a mysterious, theatrical flair to your look.

Mutiny Pigment, $19.50. Visit MacCosmetics.com

Like bulbous morning dew drops atop a rosebud, this lush sky blue brings any pink or purplish colors to life, adding a sense of vitality and freshness.


"Blush of Youth" Beauty Powder, $22. MacCosmetics.com

Remember that schoolgirl crush you had, that Jordan Catalano-esque guy in your life who could make you blush with a single glance? Well, he may be the stuff of memories but those rosy cheeks can be brought back to the present with this light pink shade.


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