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Neck and Neck: Career Gear Celebrity Tie Auction


I hardly ever feature men's apparel or accessories since I'm catering to all my sisters out there, but when I heard about Career Gear's Celebrity Tie Auction, I couldn't resist: I just HAD to let you ladies know about it. Besides, I know some ladies who can work the hell out of a bowtie or even a traditional tie (Madonna? Check. Janet Jackson? Absolutely. Janelle Monae? Yessir!), so perhaps some of you also know how to make the androgynous aesthetic work for you.

Here are the details. On June 5th, the nonprofit organization Career Gear is launching an online auction featuring ties donated by such celebrities as André 3000 (who designed the bowtie pictured above), Jack Nicholson, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Eric Bana, Kevin Spacey and Linda Fiorentino.

Career Gear's mission is to assist economically disadvantaged (or down-on-their-luck) men who are looking to enter the professional sphere and need some help building a wardrobe that will not only get them in the door, but will boost their confidence and their ability to perform at their fullest potential. The proceeds from the auction, then, will benefit the organization, which provides suits and ties to so many people in need.

In these difficult times, it's particularly important to help organizations like Career Gear, so here's your chance to do your civic duty and score a Father's Day gift, nab an impromptu present for your man, or bid on a tie for your own self!

The Career Gear Celebrity Tie Auction launches June 5th on CareerGear.org

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