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Simply Divine: Robindira Unsworth’s Notre Dame Collection

Faceted Double Drop Earrings (E394-G_LRG)Mosaic Amulet Necklace (N511-G_LRG)

Echo Hoop (E346-G-B_LRG)

For her latest collection, aptly titled "Notre Dame," California-based jeweler Robindira Unsworth looked to the world-renowned stained glass windows of the Parisian cathedral for inspiration. The cathedral's gothic architecture and breathtaking design details date back to the Middle Ages, with everything from its portals to its glass windows depicting scenes from the Bible in the most majestic and glorious of ways.

The South Rose Window, for one, features 84 panes divided into four circles: one with 12 medallions (originally, the Twelve Apostles were featured in this circle), a second with 24 medallions, a third circle with quadrilobes, and a fourth circle with 24 quadrilobes. The South Rose Window mainly features scenes plucked from the New Testament.

Looking at the expert worksmanship that went into creating these windows, soaking up the intense colors of the glass (especially when drenched in sunlight), and admiring the kaleidoscopic effect created by the various concentric shapes, it's easy to see how Unsworth would feel compelled to create something rooted in such splendor.

Her Notre Dame collection is comprised of earrings, necklaces and rings featuring gemstones like pink topaz, lemon quartz, pink tourmaline, blue zircon, green apatite, smokey topaz, green quartz and hessanite garnet — all the stones have a clarity and translucency similar to that of stained glass.

Many of the pieces boast circular shapes, which could very well be a reflection of the focus on spheres throughout the Notre Dame's rosettes. Just behold the Echo Hoops, pictured third from top, which feature tiny green quartz gems along the lightweight, 22k gold spheres, or peep the Byzantine-flavored, Faceted Double Drop Earrings pictured at top, which feature faceted, 22k gold stones and a rubellite garnet center stone.

But perhaps the piece that speaks most loudly about Unsworth's inspiration is the Mosaic Amulet Necklace, featuring a 22k gold vermeil medallion hanging from a chain of pink tourmaline stones.

Could the collection be heaven sent? Maybe so, ladies!

Robindira Unsworth Faceted Double Drop Earrings, $213; Mosaic Amulet Necklace, $338; and Echo Hoops, $188. Visit

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