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Ocean Breeze: H2O+ Sea Results Collection



If this H2O collection had its own jingle, it would sound like Jimmy Cliff’s “I Can See Clearly Now” — except, the hook would go something like this, “I can see clearly now/ the lines have gone/I can see all wrinkles have disappeared.” Can’t you just hear it in your head? Okay, I’m clearly being silly, but the point is that H2O Plus Sea Results not only clears up your skin, but it smooths away wrinkles and firms the skin.

If you want to assess the line’s results, check out the H2O Plus Sea Results Starter Set (pictured at top), which includes miniature versions of the Mineral Cleanser, Marine Toner, Liner Mender and Eye Mender Plus. The absolute stand-out product here is the cleanser, which wipes away impurities, refreshes the skin, and leaves skin glowing and clear. The toner, of course, helps to remove any cleanser residue and to unclog pores, furthering the effects. The Line Mender, meanwhile, is a potent, highly concentrated cream that you smooth over any existing lines, and which you also apply to areas where any kind of sagging and wrinkles might emerge. And finally, the Eye Mender Plus is a clear-colored eye treatment that diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet and puckering along the eyes.

Once you’re hooked on these products, I suggest you move on to the next array of fantastic products in the line. There’s the Instant Power Patches (pictured second from top), hydrogel patches that adhere to the skin around the eyes and which, after being left on for 20 minutes, manage to hydrate, plump, and soothe the area. Next, there’s the Wrinkle Release Pen, containing H2O’s Peptide Fusion Technology, which restores collagen levels and delivers deep hydration, producing a similar effect to that associated with Botox (without freezing your muscles and preventing future facial expressions! ha!).

The Wrinkle Release Pen contains: vitamin C-rich brown algae; blue-green algae rife with vitamins A, F, E and nourishing, detoxifying anti-oxidants; and red algae, which contains vitamin A and numerous antioxidants.


H2O Plus Sea Results Starter Set, $30; H2O Plus Instant Power Patches, $72; and H2O Plus Wrinkle Release Pen, $30. Visit H2OPlus.com

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