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Sign of the Times: Essie Neon Collection


Remember how I told y'all the coming months were all about footwear, jewelry, watches, sunglasses and accessories in bold, fluorescent hues? Well, ladies, the trend is not limited to your closet or your jewelry box. Beauty companies are issuing technicolor eye shadows, liners and nail lacquers that will have trendsetting women bursting with vivacious energy.

The four hues that comprise Essie's Neon Collection recall the colorful legwarmers, fishnet tights, socks, head scarves, jelly sandals, rubber bracelets and lucite earrings worn by '80s pop sensations like Bananarama and Cyndi Lauper — after all, that era was all about having fun and enjoying being young and alive. We wore apparel and accessories in blinding hues, sported wild and teased hair (not to mention scrunchies), and put our faith in weird trends like shoulder pads and acid wash, and it didn't matter if we looked nuts because the emphasis was simply on having a good time. Fortunately, the 2009 take on the neon trend isn't quite as reckless — we won't be layering one clashing hue upon another — but it's just as boisterous as it was the first time around.

If you want to add a wild edge to your wardrobe, reach for one of these funky nail polishes. The Essie Neon collection includes: Punchy Pink, a bubblegum-meets-raspberry sorbet hue; Flirty Fuchsia, a spicy magenta that would make Madonna's "Material Girl" gown look like a blush pink; and Funky Limelight, a highway-ready, day-glo yellow; and Perky Purple, an electric violet that outdoes Prince's intense Purple Rain outfit.

So what do you say? Ready to let those hands glow?

Essie Neon collection, $8 per lacquer. Visit

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