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Style Assassins: Introducing Glamour Kills



Love bites (word to Def Leppard), but glamour? Now that's deadly — or, at least, that's the overriding sentiment behind the four-year-old streetwear line Glamour Kills. Founder Mark Capicotto first established a demand for his graphic design through his freelance work with various music bands. When he decided to launch his own business, Capicotto was embraced by the bands for whom he had designed and, as these bands' visibility grew, so did that of Glamour Kills.

It's easy to see why Glamour Kills, now a full-blown company with a tight-knit team of designers, has amassed such a cult following. The line's 100% cotton T-shirts feel great against the skin, and the graphic prints have a subversive quality to them that draws from punk music, '80s hip-hop, graffiti, stencil art and more.

Take a look at the new "Hip to Be Kind" tee (pictured at top), which takes an illustration of Audrey Heburn's iconic Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany's and essentially defaces it, covering Golighty's arms with squiggles and doodles of skulls, broken hearts, rocketships, flying pigs, thunderbolts, and more. A very Edgar Allan Poe-ish raven is perched atop Golighty's long cigarette holder, further subverting the image's original meaning and giving it a more sinister, ironic twist. The flock of birds floating in the backdrop complete the picture.

Another one of my favorites is the "Feel the Electric" design, also pictured here, which features a grid of words against a black backdrop that resembles a starry night, with lightning bolts striking through the words for a very dynamic, kinetic effect.

Pretty killer, right? Guess that explains the name!

Glamour Kills "Hip To Be Kind" Tee, $26.99; Glamour Kills "Feel The Electric" Tee, $24.99. Visit GlamourKills.com

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