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Buy Yourself Flowers: Orchid Popits Charms

Popits 004

Have you ever tried tucking a flower behind your ear for a very Billie Holiday-esque (or maybe a flamenco dancer-style) look? Well, if you have, then you probably know that, while the look is splendid in theory, it’s incredibly difficult to execute over a substantial period of time. After all, if it’s a real bloom, it will start limping, withering and outright dying within hours. And keeping an authentic bloom perfectly balanced atop a bun or tucked behind your ear is a feat in and of itself. Now, of course, there are plenty of hair pins and hair combs with flower-like adornments, but very seldom do those artificial blooms actually resemble the real thing (or manage to look anything but gaudy and slightly scary). If you’re going for a demure, Hawaiian princess type of vibe, you simply can’t settle for some cheesy, bedazzled daisy-shaped hair clip or dowdy crochet sunflower hair pain.

Which is why you should check out these flirty orchid charms by Popits, a company that specializes in serving up interchangeable miniature charms — each Popits charm is designed so that it can easily snap into place, and it can hence be paired with any of the “carriers” sold on the Popits site (whether it’s a bobby pin, a pair of flip-flops, an Army-style cap, a safety pin, a hair comb, or a simple metal headband).

These orchid charms were just introduced in May (right in time for summer) and are available in fuchsia, white and lavender (pictured above). And, of course, you can pick the carrier that works best for the hairstyle you have in mind — whether it’s a long hairpin meant to adorn a chignon, a hair comb you’ll tuck along the side of your mane, or a clip you can tuck behind your ear or below a bun.

Best of all, you can buy all three orchid colors without spending more than $20.

Orchid Popit charms, $5 each. Visit Popits.com

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