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Crystal Clear



Etsy has replaced Ebay as my new addiction — I can spend hours on a virtual treasure hunt, hoping to unearth some rare wonder, such as these hand carved bracelets by Wear No Evil.

Though they appear to be made of rigid acrylic or lucite, they are, in fact, completely flexible and malleable, made using PVC plastic and cut crystals. The expertly detailed carvings create a diamond-like pattern in the bracelet pictured at top while the bottom piece boasts a rounded motif that resembles seashells or hand fans.

These ridged edges, combined with the materials’ translucent colors, create a fascinating optical illusion when in the light, so you’ll look stylish and be entertained by your new accessories. How’s that for double duty?

Wear No Evil Crystal Cuff, $165 and Harvest Cuff, $200. Visit WearNoEvil.Etsy.com

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