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Jammin’ With The New ToyWatch Jelly


So remember how last Friday I was telling all of you about ToyWatch‘s giveaway on Twitter? Well, now I’m here to give you yet even more juicy ToyWatch-related news. The fun-loving watch company just welcomed a new member to its hot-to-trot family: the Jelly.

Since changing her mind is every woman’s prerogative, this customizable watch comes in rather handy (and for those of us with a rainbow-like wardrobe, it allows us to match with any outfit). Customers are prompted to design their own Jelly watches by picking a rubber strap color and a rubber case. They can then buy additional Jelly cases in different hues and mix-and-match as desired (the collection yields as many as 72 color combos). Both the straps and cases are available in white, pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, gray and black (with an additional pavĂ© case).

Are you ready for this Jelly? ‘Cause it’s pretty beautilicious!

ToyWatch Jelly, $175. Visit ToywatchOfficial.com

And don’t forget to vie for a chance to win a free watch today and every Friday by following ToyWatch on Twitter! Visit Twitter.com/ToyWatch

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