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Latest from Make Up For Ever: Glossy Full Couleur Line and New Aqua Eyes Shades

Glossy-Full-Couleur--4 Glossy-Full-Couleur--3



If you’re a die-hard lip gloss junkie, you’ve probably tried Make Up For Ever’s Glossy Full, a clear, shine-heavy gloss. But, as we move into the era of technicolor makeup (which I personally love), Make Up Forever has adapted accordingly, releasing the new Glossy Full Couleur collection, a virtual rainbow of lip gloss shades with a mirror-like shine.

The Glossy Full Couleur collection consists of 10 shades ranging from nude and light pink to coral, apricot orange, mauve, wine red and purple. Pictured above are the #4 shade, a fuchsia hue, and #3, a neon orange hue. Both glosses deliver a vinyl-like sheen but don’t expect the colors to look as bright on your lips as they do in the packaging. Instead, imagine a rather diluted version of the colors, a sheer-like coating for your lips. All that being said, they do look great when applied atop your lipstick (since these particular colors have such a fluorescent tint, I’d suggest staying away from earthy shades and opting for similar colors in matte hues (light pinks, rose colors, and purples for the No. 4, and coral or peachy shades for the No. 3 gloss).

But the most cartwheel-worthy aspect of these glosses, the biggest selling point (at least in my eyes), is the menthol scent, which refreshes your breath and delivers a cool burst to your pout. (Note: this doesn’t mean you should bypass the Altoid or the Eclipse gum after chomping on garlic bread or a similarly stinky breath-inducing food).

And the Glossy Full Couleur line is only one of Make Up For Ever’s latest releases. In addition to this new collection, the brand introduced five new shades of its best-selling Aqua Eyes liner: #20L (forest green), #21L (dark grey), #22L (grey), #23L (champagne) and #24L (light taupe). What makes these liners so popular is that they stay in place within seconds of application. Once a minute or so elapses, you won’t be able to smudge the liner — no matter how much you rub your eyes (or if you find yourself under untimely rain shower).  I actually sat there and tried to sabotage my eye makeup, so as to test the validity of these smudge-proof claims, and I was dumbfounded at how the liner managed to pass every single one of my tests. Now, the tricky part about this is that, if you want to blend your liner, create cat eyes, or diffuse the color, you’ll have to act incredibly quickly (you’ve got 2-3 minutes tops before it sets).

So how does the Aqua Eyes liner yield such results? The liner’s unique formula includes: Evaporating Silicon Oils, which make it easy and painless to glide the liner across your eyelids’ sensitive skin, but which also evaporate upon contact with the skin, leaving a waterproof pigment; Jojoba Wax, which make the consistency soft and creamy, hence guaranteeing an easy, painless application; and Make Up Forever’s patented High Pigment Concentration.

If you’re a make-up artist or you want to create really dramatic eye makeup (I’m talking swirls that curl down to your cheekbones, triangle-like shapes, etc.), I can’t imagine a better choice.

Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur lip gloss, $19 each; Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner in #20L (Forest Green), $17. Available at Sephora.com

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