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New York State of Mind: DANNIJO Haring Collection






DANNIJO is quickly climbing up the charts and securing its stop in my top ten list of jewelry brands (I will not name everyone on the list but, of course, Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield and Bijules by Jules Kim are both up there!). And, with its tangled-up chain necklaces, and rock-influenced but decidedly demure designs, how can I not feel lovestruck? Case in point: DANNIJO’s new “Haring” collection, which draws inspiration from all things related to New York City: the way neon lighting can bestow a sexy, risqué feel on the stark white walls of a sleek, futuristic hotel lounge in the Meatpacking District, the Keith Haring murals in Soho, the bright colors in the kitschy Mexican restaurants in the Village… As a result, the “Haring” collection is electric, intense, moody, colorful, eclectic, and, yes, a bit zany.

Check out some of the highlights from the collection above. Pictured at top is the “Presley,” a very Gossip Girl-meets-Inked necklace featuring gunmetal plated chains, coral bead strands, and mesh chains braided into a tangled design and topped off with mesh bows and faux pearl teardrop accents. The “Gallagher,” meanwhile, nods to the on-the-run, casual chic looks sported by denim-loving urbanites through the usage of blue faceted chains mixed with blue beads, oxidized silver mesh rope, a silver-plaited chain, and blue suede strands.

For a more tropical feel, check out the “Dominica” choker, which features woven leather, neon roping, brass chains and malleable silver aluminum, all mixed up tp convey the energy and color of the city’s Caribbean community. The “Zuza,” finally, with its twisted, sea foam colored rope, brass ball chain, and white sea shell beads, was inspired by the “melting pot” nature of the city and how people of so many different races, cultures, countries of origin, languages, religions, and ages all converge to form the beautiful mosaic we know as the Big Apple.

DANNIJO “Presley” Necklace, $715; “Gallagher” necklace, $420; “Dominica” necklace, $238; “Zuza” necklace, $445. Visit DANNIJO.com

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